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Friday, December 09, 2011

Caught reading TG Captions at work

Glenda caught Norman reading TG Captions
Norman was browsing his favorite TG Captions site when he heard a polite cough behind him. He quickly closed the browser window and turned his chair around to face Glenda the office admin. He had no idea how long she had been standing there or what she had seem but he couldn't stop himself blushing.
"Yes Glenda, what can I do for you?" he asked trying to keep his voice casual.
"That's okay, I can come back later when you aren't so busy," she replied and walked off.
Norman was in a panic. What had she seen? Maybe she only saw the pictures of sexy women posing on the screen and thought that he was just looking at some girly pictures. Did she notice the TG theme? He tried to concentrate but he was too nervous to so he decided to go and speak to Glenda, ask her what she wanted and see if she gave any hint of what she had seen.
He left his cubicle and went to where Glenda sat but as he approached he could see her whispering in the ear of Martina, the receptionist. By the look on Martina's face he could see that whatever she was telling her it was pretty outrageous. Martina gave him a cheeky grin and then the two women waited for him to speak. Norman lost his nerve and headed back to his cubicle where he spent the rest of the afternoon wondering what the girls might do. Would the tell anyone?
The panties were for Norman
The next day Norman came to work dreading every step. When he arrived he had to walk past Glenda and Martina and they both greeted him with a big smile that might just as easily have been a smirk. He went on to his cubicle and found a gift-wrapped package on his desk. His heart was thumping. What was gong on? There was no note with the package or any indication where it had come from. He quickly opened the package and his mouth went dry when he found inside a pink box of Victoria's Secret panties. There were six cotton panties in a variety of bright colors all of which screamed 'girly'. Norman swallowed hard. He considered taking the panties to the front desk and pretending that they weren't from him but he knew he didn't have the nerve for it. As he slumped in his chair he had to admit to himself that Glenda must have seen everything...


Charmane said...

So perhaps Norman should just go and thank Glenda for the panties, hmmmmm? :)

jellybean said...

I agree. Just go and thank the ladies for the cute panties and go on with life. If they think that he's a sissy, so what.

Priya said...

Oh god, should have worked in that office with those girls

parthibha.B said...

if i am in his place i may thank for the 2 ladies for their gift..