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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Do girls drink beer?

Raymond couldn't drink beer
Raymond sat hiding in the garden shed and quickly poured himself a beer. His wife Judy was determined to turn him into a woman and he seemed powerless to stop her. She even had him wearing frilly tops and insisted he grow his hair long. She wouldn't let him drink beer with the boys or at any time but he had managed to hide a few cans in the shed. He hadn't been able to get to stash for over a month and he was looking forward to a cool drink. Judy had gone out to the shop and he had hurried through his housework to make time for a beer.
He took a moment to admire the glassful of his favorite beverage and then gulped it down. He hadn't taken more than a mouthful before he stopped in panic. It wasn't that the beer was off, it tasted just the way it should but something was wrong. He didn't like it. He tried taking another sip but nearly spat it out. There was no doubt about it. He couldn't face drinking it and even the taste of it was making him feel queasy. Raymond slumped in his seat. This was his wife's doing. She had even taken beer from him. He poured the rest of the beer down the drain and headed back to the house. He needed a jasmine tea to take the taste away...

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