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Sunday, December 11, 2011

TG Captions Quickie: Men in aprons

Men in aprons should wear skirts too
Charlotte stood in the doorway to the kitchen watching Kenny wash-up. She knew that many women liked the idea of a man in a apron but how much sweeter it was to have a man in an apron who was also wearing a woman's top, a nice skirt, a floral bra and matching panties. Yes, she thought to herself, if you are going to put a man in an apron then you should go all the way...


Steffi said...

Lovely cap... quick and to the point :)

Thanks so much for sharing!


jellybean said...

Men dressed as women and in an apron?? So pretty and cute. Now add that the wife is HIS SUPERIOR in the marriage and he is a submissive, wow. Someday, women will be in charge in MOST households.

jellybean said...

Just wanted to say that her hair is real pretty