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Monday, December 12, 2011

Sissy shopper

Alison sent Julian out dressed as a girly-girl
Julian was nearly in tears as he walked into busy supermarket. His girlfriend Alison had caught him trying on her panties and insisted on giving him a punishment to fit the crime. Not only did she fully feminize him but she made him into the sissiest girl imaginable. He was covered in pink from head to toe to the frilly pink panties she made him wear. She even put a pink beret on top of the blonde wig she made him wear and then sent him to the local supermarket to do some shopping that included buying some very pink nail polish.
Julian could feel everyone looking at him as he walked around the aisles finding the items on the list. He couldn't tell if they were looking because they could see he was a boy or just because no woman in her right mind would go out looking so girly. At last he finished everything on the list and headed to the check out. He just about to pay when he heard a familiar voice behind him. It was Alison with three of her girlfriends. They were standing a short distance away and looking right at him. Julian couldn't be sure if Alison's friends recognized him but then Alison spoke up in a loud voice.
"You see girls, that's Julian over there. Of course as soon as I found out he is a sissy-boy who wears girls clothes I dumped him but now he seems to have come out of the closet..."


Steffi said...

Beautiful piccie and I love the ending :)

Thanks for sharing!

Betty said...

Cute picture and it is very sexy.

Lizzie said...

Such a thrill imagining being caught dressed like that.

jellybean said...

He was SOOOO cute and sexy looking.
Nothing wrong with being a sissy boy, is there????
This story reminds me of "Petticoat Discipline".