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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Captain Julliette takes control

The male staff underwent feminization training to become flight attendants
The men were eager to start their new jobs
Chief Stewardess Juliette looked at the three lovely air stewardesses sitting before her. She knew that once upon a time they had all been men but the airline decided to only allow female stewardess on flights because they always did a better job. As a result, the three men had made a career choice and undergone intensive femininity training. The rumor was that they hadn't need much convincing at all. She had to admit that the results were very good and they really did look as good as the real girls.
"I expect all of you to behave well and do your jobs they way you were trained to." Juliette said.
"Yes Chief," their replied.
"I run a tight ship here and I won't have any slacking."
"Yes Chief."
"All right then, off you go girls." She smirked at this. It always annoyed her when the male flight crew called the stewardesses 'girls' but she enjoyed doing the same to the men. As they got up to go she pinched the nearest 'girl' on her butt. Oh yes, payback was fun...


Michelle said...

I love this one! Revenge ones are great to begin with, but I LOVE the theme here too! I hope that other airlines follow suit with this policy!

Marie-Christine said...

Oh yes, that´s a really nice idea. I´d love to be one of these pretty stewardesses in their pink skirt suits.