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Sunday, November 20, 2011

He just can't stop being a girl

Damien preferred wearing Cindy's clothes to his own
Damien loved wearing her clothes more than she did
Cindy looked at her boyfriend Damien in exasperation. He was still wearing her sleeveless top and calf-length white leggings despite the late hour. They were going to visit friends soon and she had been telling him to get changed back into his own clothes but he just stood there pouting like an unhappy little girl.

"Really Damien," she said sternly. "That's enough playing at girly-dress up for today. We have to get ready to go out. If you don't change soon I'll make you go out just the way you are, including the pink heels."
For a moment a look passed across Damien's face and in that instant Cindy knew that deep down he would like nothing more. She sighed. Her boyfriend was a girly-boy through and through and there didn't seem to be any alternative. Ever since he had first suggested dressing up in her clothes it had become more and more a part of their relationship. It was time to find a new man. Of course she would still keep Damien as a friend. After all, he gave her the best fashion advice...

1 comment:

whyguys said...

Hopefully Cindy shall realize before sending Damien away the possibilities and benefits that a properly trained and feminized male affords far beyond any of those archaic and outdated 'macho' types and their false 'masculine' egos.

Remember, Cindy, a 'CHICK' in your hand is better than a (ugh!) boy in your bush....