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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lost in femininity

His wife makes him a girl because he enjoys TG Captions
Sam looked down at himself and saw girly all the way
Sam looked down across his smooth tummy with its pierce navel and on to the bright red panties his wife had told him to wear that day. Ever since she had caught him looking at TG captions on the Internet she had been teasing him about wearing women's underwear and clothes, forcing him to be ever more feminine. At first he enjoyed her actions, allowing himself to become more of a woman everyday but now, as he looked down at the panties he wasn't sure that he could see any sign of maleness at all. He rolled his head back and closed his eyes. She was turning him into a woman. He really shouldn't let her get away with it just because of some captions but in his heart he knew he was already past the point on no return. He looked down at the panties again. No sign of his manhood at all. Perfect!


whyguys said...

Hmmm... suppose it's time to consider a Marriage Vow Re-Dedication Ceremony.

"Do you Samantha promise to SERVE, AMUSE and OBEY?"
"We now pronounce you PROPERLY as WOMAN and 'wife'..."

Michelle said...

Great one! Welcome to femininity, Samantha!