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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A touch too much feminization

Roy was so feminine after his hypnosis that even a toy mouse scared him
Roy leaped onto the chair at the sight of the mouse
Claire watched in exasperation as her husband Roy stood on the kitchen chair whimpering in fear. On the floor near the chair was a stuffed cuddly toy shaped like a mouse but Roy was still terrified of it.
"Come on now Roy," Claire said to him, "it's only a toy mouse."
But Roy refused to come down until Claire moved the mouse. He insisted on staying up on the chair until she saved him. In the past he had always made fun of her for being afraid of spiders but then she had him subjected to an intensive feminizing hypnosis to make him appreciate how she felt as a woman.  Claire chuckled at the sight of Roy in his pink dress and stockings quivering on the chair. Since the treatment Roy had been a perfect girl about the home and very understanding but sometimes she felt that he was too much of a girl for her own good. Claire sighed as she picked up the mouse and took it away. As annoying as Roy could be he was still much better as a she.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the twist in this tale (and in Roy's panties, no doubt!)

Linda Marie Daniels said...

I love this one! Very cute and very sexy at the same time.

whyguys said...

Omigosh - what a delightful world if Females could see males unmanned to the state like this where they were such far more meek, weak, timid, fearful, and girlish than even what they once forced upon Females to pretend.

At last males would fulfuill their proper purpose for Women - as feminized objects of ridicule, servitude and amusement!