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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Locked tight sissy

Caught with consequences wearing his girlfriends lingerie
Barry struggled to escape
Barry tugged hard at the handcuffs but the chair was too strong. He looked round at Simone as she stood watching him in amusement.
"Simone, I'm really sorry, I really am, now please let me go."
But Simone just kept looking at him with a quiet smile on her face. When she caught Barry trying on her flatmate Kasey's lingerie she had threatened to call the police. Barry and Kasey had been dating for a month and she knew nothing about his crossdressing and he had let himself in withe spare key to have some fun with her undies. He wasn't expecting Simone to come home and she had caught him red-handed wearing a black lacy bodysuit.
It was only after Barry pleaded for mercy that she agreed not to call the police right there and then. Her compromise was that Barry had to allow her to teach him a lesson. He had no choice and agreed. To his surprise she went to her own room and came back with some handcuffs that she used to lock him to a stout chair, dressed as he was in the bodysuit and heels.
Simone had a good giggle at Barry as he struggled to escape but it was no good, he locked tightly to the chair.
"Okay, that's enough Simone, please let me go before Kasey gets home."
As Simone came over to him he thought that his ordeal was over but instead she just blew a sexy kiss in his face and then turned around to leave the room. Barry was still shouting for her to come back when he heard the front door slam shut.
Barry sank down to sit on the chair. What on earth Kasey was going to say when she found him he didn't know. It was another hour before he heard the door open and he prayed that it was Simone coming back to let him go. Then his blood ran cold as he heard Kasey's voice talking to what sounded like at least two of her friends...


Weave said...

Ha ha... ooh, what a find she will have! :)

Elaine said...

oh yes, I so want to be her

Elaine said...

maybe I can take her place???

Anonymous said...

I would much prefer to be HIM!