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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How he wears his panties

A crossdresser shares his panties secret with the ladies
The ladies examined George's panties
It had taken years but George had finally come out of the closet about his crossdressing to his friends Jill and Tracy. They of course insisted on seeing him en femme and George was only too pleased to introduce them to Georgina. They arranged to have a girly chat at his place and the two women showed up eager to see their friend in his feminine attire.

They were full of admiration for his hair and make-up, his choice of clothes and especially his smooth, freshly waxed legs. They immediately sat him down on the couch, with one of the girls on either side so that they could both check him out. George was so thrilled with the attention that he didn't see the knowing wink that passed between the two women.
They began to compliment him on his legs again, each taking a leg and running her hands up and down the soft smooth skin. George had never been so happy. Then Jill leaned in and asked him in a conspiratorial tone of voice if his panties fit him properly.
"Of yes, they are fine," George told them.
"But what do you do with, you know, your bits?" Tracy asked.
George blushed. He was embarrased to tell the ladies about how he need to tuck to wear his panties.
"Oh, I manage, that's all," he said.
The girls were not going to settle for that. Before he could stop them they grabbed a leg each and then Jill lifted up his short skirt exposing his black satin panties. She didn't stop there but made a grab at the panties to see how they fit.
"Oh," she said as she examined his tuck. "That's very clever. You look just like a real girl..."


Anonymous said...

oh what a beautiful story, wish it were me they went after, hehe

teddi said...

I've got the panties, bra and breast forms. I've got the tops and skirts. Where, oh where are the Ladies?