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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sissfied Garden girl

A wife feminizes her husband for the garden party
The ladies were fascinated by David's feminine appearance
The ladies arrived at the end of season garden party and Carol was the perfect hostess. Each year the ladies got together to discuss their group's work on improving their lives the feminine way. The ladies would meet twice a week to see how they could improve their lives as women and then support each other in reaching their goals. As each of the women arrived they greeted each other with air kisses and hugs, admiring their summer outfits and complimenting each other on their sun-tans. When they were all there they got ready to review their work. However, the things discussed at the meeting were private and not for male ears to hear. The ladies wanted to know if Carol's husband David was around or had she dispatched him for the evening.
"Oh, don't you worry about David," Carol told them, "that's him over there."

The ladies all looked in the direction she was pointing in the corner of the garden and for the first time noticed a very shy looking woman hiding under a large straw hat and trying to make herself invisible against the hedge.
"Who is the new girl?" asked one of the ladies.
"David," Carol replied with a satisfied grin.
It took the ladies another few moments to realize that the woman wearing the white summer dress that showed her perfect legs was in fact Carol's husband David. He blushed bright red as the crowd of women stared at him.
"I don't believe it, is that really your David over there dressed up like a girl?"
"Yes. I decided that if I he wasn't going to be a good husband then he would just have to be a good girl instead. It was all those empowerment slogans we keep going over. I empowered him with girl power and I think I did a good job."
"Why he's adorable!"
"You must tell us how you did it. My Steven would look lovely dressed like that."
"Is he developing a cleavage?"
"Oh yes, I give his 'vitamins' everyday."
"Carol! You are such a little devil!"
"Hey David, come over here, don't shy now, the ladies want to have a closer look at you..."


Jessica New said...

Another great caption. I just wanted to say I love your captions - not too in your face yet teasingly sexy. I always come back to see what great new work you've made.
Keep it up


Tammy said...

I wish my wife would turn me into a realy good looking woman I love to wear skirts and panties

Anonymous said...

I would love to wear that outfit!!!!