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Friday, August 19, 2011

TG Captions quickie: Husband is looking good

Seeing her husband in panties always amused her
The panties fit George well
Karen smirked as he looked at George's bottom in the pink-heart design panties. It never ceased to amuse her to tell him to bend over and pick things up around the house when she had him in panties and he still didn't seem to realize that she was just teasing him all the time. He had succumbed to her plans to feminize him so quickly and easily. Soon she would put him in skirts too and then she would be the one wearing the pants in their household.


juliana75 said...

I wouldn't regret do wear those panties :-)

juliana75 said...

so nice panties. Who can regret to wear them?

Anonymous said...

i would love to wear those sexy panties

Weave said...

Sigh... so pretty...and so helpless now! :)