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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ship-shape below

A female captain feminizes her crew
The crew enjoyed their new uniforms
It was the first time that a woman had been promoted to captain of a submarine. There was some concern at the highest level as to whether or not the men would feel comfortable taking orders from a woman and that over time there might be a deterioration in the chain of command. However, Captain Constance Ironside was determined to keep her crew in shape. When they set off for their first patrol she drilled the men endlessly giving them one order after another until she had them just she wanted them.

Three months later the submarine returned to port. The admiralty were keen to see how the men had fared under their female captain. When the hatch opened and the crew came ashore for some hard earned shore-leave they were unrecognizable as the men that had sailed in the same sub just a short while before. In fact, they were unrecognizable as men...


Diana Copperfield said...

This one is lovely.

And I seriously think you should start doing sequels. Yeah, I know, it's hard to find matching pictures, but I'd actually be fine with you just reusing the same picture in the sequel, or find one with the same theme.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Diana :)