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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Caught crossdressing at the pool

The girls frisked crossdressing Timothy at the pool
The girls frisked Timothy
Timothy walked confidently into the outdoor pool during the ladies only session. He could pass very well, even in broad daylight. He striped off his clothes to reveal a white swimsuit that fit his figure perfectly. Timothy smiled to himself. Everywhere he looked there were women sun-bathing and enjoying the water. A whole afternoon wearing nothing but a sexy swimsuit and surrounded by women. This was perfect!
As he walked around the pool two young women came over to him. They were from the staff at the pool but Timothy felt he had nothing to worry about. One of the women, a gorgeous blonde girl in a striped bikini started talking to him while the other girl, a brunette in a green bikini went to his other side. The girls seemed very friendly and reminded him to put on sunscreen. Timothy thanked them and gave them a bright smile, enjoying the fact that they clearly thought he was a girl.
Then he felt a hand brush his bottom. At first he thought it was a mistake, surely the brunette wouldn't have touched him but then the blonde girl touched his tummy and quite deliberately, ran her hand down, past his navel, and further till it was resting ever so lightly at his most sensitive spot.
The sensation of being touched up by these two beautiful girls was unbearable for Timothy but he knew he had to keep control of himself or everyone would soon see that he was a girl with something extra. He was too stunned to talk but the girls were still just chatting to him as though nothing was wrong. He tried to pull away but the girl behind him was too close and before he knew it his hand had slipped up against her most private of parts.
It was too much for Timothy, he could feel himself stirring uncontrollably and now there could be no doubt that he was very much a man.
The two girls were now giggling at his discomfort.
"Don't try this again no matter how good you look," warned the blonde, "or we will call the police. Now scram."
Timothy didn't wait for  second warning but as he made for the exit he could feel women beginning to stare at him, or rather at his now badly fitting swimsuit...

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Anonymous said...

A lovely experience PLUS capture and a warning! He will need to leave demurely, taking perfect little steps and paying attention to his posture. Here's hoping he tries again, with a gaff in place or better still a magic vodka martini.