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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

TG Caption quickie: One of the girls

The girls asked Jeremy to join them for a butt shot
Jeremy joined the girls for a thong shot
Jeremy had been out of the closet and into girls' clothes for over six months. At first his girlfriends were very accepting but a little awkward around their him as they tried to get used to his new feminine persona. Little by little they relaxed  but for Jeremy the real turning point came one afternoon at Stacy's house.
He was there with Stacy and three of her friends and one thing led to another. Before long the five girls were playing around but when Stacy suggested a the girls show off their thong underwear for a butt shot and asked Jeremy to join them he knew he was finally one of the girls.


Anonymous said...

This is a great cap. I only wish I could be one of the girls with the thong.

Anonymous said...

Well not into thongs, love high cuts but would love to show off with them

Anonymous said...

Thongs are the best, and are clearly the best panty to make a male wear for humiliating effects...something about the constant wedgie