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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Spanking surprise

Caught with consequences being spanked
Sonia enjoyed spanking sissy Jason
It was their favorite game to play. She would put him in panties and then spank him good and hard. For Jason, the thrill of wearing panties and then being humiliated by a pretty woman was almost unbearable and Sonia seemed to enjoy it all too. With time her demands became more and more comprehensive. She insisted he wear more women's clothes until she would fully feminize him and then take her time teasing him with  humiliation. But until today she had never demanded that they play at work.

Jason was surprised when Sonia came to his office but it was always nice to see her. However, once she got him alone he was shocked when she showed him the contents of the bag she was carrying; it was a full set of her clothes for him to wear.
"Sonia, we can't do that here, what if someone comes in?" Jason explained but Sonia had that devilish look on her face that could make him do anything.
"That should just make it even more fun, now get these clothes on my pretty little sissy."
As a manager at the company he had his own office and usually no one disturbed him if his door was shut but it was still a big risk. Before he knew it Jason was caught up in her mood and soon found himself stripping off his clothes and then getting dressed in frilly panties, bra, pantyhose, a colorful top, and a very short denim skirt. She had even brought heels for him to wear.
"Okay, quickly then," he agreed.
"Parade for me girly-boy," Sonia said.
Jason could hear the office staff outside his door going about their business as he walked back and forth around his office under the watchful eye of Sonia who was clearly enjoying his discomfort.
"Please Sonia, let's just do it," he whispered.
Sonia smirked at him and then pulled him over to the couch. She bent him over the end and then pulled his denim mini-skirt up exposing his panty-cover bottom beneath the pantyhose. Then she began spanking him good and hard.
"Shhhh!" Jason whispered in a panic. "Someone might hear"
 Sonia just giggled and whacked him even harder. Each blow of her hand made a loud smacking noise and Jason felt sure that someone would hear them but Sonia was loving every moment of it as he squirmed beneath her hand.
She paused for a moment and stroked his bottom, teasing him with the warmth of her hand after the stinging blows that came before. Jason breathed a sigh of relief, she was finally going to let him go.
Just then the door opened and Cindy the office admin came in.
"Is everything okay, I heard some noises and...oh!"
She closed the door again before Jason could even respond. Outside the door he could hear Cindy talking in a barely contained whisper and very soon after that all noise in the office died away.
"Oops," said Sonia, but he could hear the smile on her face as she said it...


Anonymous said...

What a sexy picture...I hope a few of the office girls do decide he needs to be spanked more

Anonymous said...

great caption!!! keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

fab caption love to see more keep them coming !!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bend me over.