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Friday, July 29, 2011

Feminized Fun

The girls chose an eye-catching outfit for Bret
Bret just couldn't understand what was wrong. Everywhere he went people seemed to be looking at him but he just couldn't see why. He had gone over to see his ex-girlfriend Jill to try and smooth things out with her and things had seemed to go quite while. Even her friends were there and they were very friendly to him. Then they asked him to go out and get them some ice-cream to make up for breaking up with Jill.

Bret was happy to do the chore if it meant that he would be on good terms with Jill. After all, some of her friends were really very cute and he didn't want to ruin his chances with them. He set off for the ice-cream shop but was aware that he was getting stares from strangers, especially women who were all smiling at him as he came past. Well, he thought to himself, I must be better-looking than I realized.
Following behind Bret at a discrete distance was Jill and her friends. They could barely walk they were laughing so hard at Bret. When he had come over they carefully hypnotized him then dressed him up in a sexy basque, fishnet stockings and pink boots. The best touch had been to make sure that no matter what he wouldn't be able to see what he was wearing himself. As an after thought they decided that as soon as he asked said the words 'strawberry-vanilla ice-cream' he would wake up from his trance. Of course, the girls had made it quite clear before they sent him out that they all wanted only strawberry-vanilla ice-cream....


Linda Marie Daniels said...

Very fun cap!

mingle said...

Yay! One of my favorite situations. The hypnotized man does not realized he is/is dressed as a woman. And a great picture choice, too.