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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Out in pink leggings

Darren was locked out and no where to go
Darren was thrilled when he discovered he would have the house to himself for the whole afternoon. He was staying with his Aunt Jillian for a few days while his uncle was away on business. His cousins Anne and Jemima had some of the sexiest outfits he had ever seen. He had been looking for a chance to raid her bedroom and now he had it. He raced to girls' room and was immediately overwhelmed by choice of clothes they had.
Everywhere he looked there were bright colors, soft fabrics, and frilly undies. He opened her top drawer and a burst of colorful panties greeted him. He quickly took off his clothes and found a bright purple thong to wear and then added a black lace bra. Next he turned his attention to the wardrobe and found it hard to choose between the skinny jeans, the mini-skirts, the slinky dresses and the hot pants. Then he noticed a bright pink pair of leggings that Anne had worn the day before and he knew that was what he wanted to wear. He quivered with delight as he pulled on the smooth Lycra leggings. He found a tight black tank top to go with the pink and the strapped himself into a pair of Jemima's high heels. He spent the next ten minutes parading around the bedroom feeling more girly then he could remember. He was about to change outfits when he noticed a long blond wig in Anne's cupboard. He put it on and loved the way it made him really look like a girl.
And then an outrageous idea came to him. It was all very well to walk about inside but how would it be to step outside? His cousins had a large backyard with a high hedge around it so no one would see him.
With his heart racing he ran downstairs and let himself out onto the back porch. He even took one of Anne's cigarettes even though he didn't smoke himself. He just wanted to feel as much like the girls as he could. Once outside it felt so good to be out in the sun, to feel the fresh air, and to feel like a girl. He walked up and down the patio, giggling with delight and then decided to go back inside and change clothes. He tried the patio door and to his horror he realized it was locked! His uncle had warned him that the doors had safety locks that would slide shut and lock unless he set the latch before he went out. He had forgotten to do it. Now he was trapped outside wearing his cousin's girly clothes and with nothing to do but wait for someone to come home. His only thought was which would be worse, being discovered by his aunt, or being discovered by his cousins?
In the end in made no difference. It was Jemima who came how first and when she discovered the feminized Darren out on porch she refused to let him in until both Anne and Aunt Jillian had come home and seen him too.


Dylan/Diane said...

TG caption writer, how do u get new photos?

Anonymous said...

Who wears a purple thong with pink leggings? Can you say SLUT!