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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

TG Captions Quickie: Beer babes

The beers turned them into girls
Titillating TG Captions
Tom and Hank couldn't believe their luck when two charming young women offered them a beer each as they walked through the park. The boys accepted their beers and drank a toast to each other but as soon as they took the first sip the world starting spinning and they felt their bodies stretching a spinning with it.
When the spinning stopped they were horrified to find that they had turned been turned into the two sexy young women in short skirts, pantyhose, and heels. With all their belongings gone they had nothing except the girls' handbags that they had left with them.
The two boys gaped at each other and looked at the beers that they were still holding.

It was Tom who found his voice first
"OMG! What happened?" he shrieked in a high feminine voice.
"They turned us into girls!"
"What should we do?"
The two boys quickly put down their beers and dug about in their handbags. They were pleased to discover that in addition to make-up each had a mobile phone too. They pulled out their mobile phones and started going through the contact list.
"What have you got?" Tom asked.
"Three hairdressers, a pedicurist and a yoga teacher. How about you?"
"The local aerobics gym, a wax specialist and a spa center."
"That's all we need. Let's go and party girl!"
"Whoo hoo!"


lickingumuch said...

i've always liked beer, but now i really want one of these brews.

Steffie said...

This is a really, really nice photo.

I love the fishnets, which both the girls are wearing.