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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Caught with his dress down

Caught wearing sister's clothes
Titillating TG Captions: Caught with his dress down
Michelle had come home early and was looking forward to some good entertainment watching tv shows. As she came up the stairs and walked to her room she passed the bathroom and nearly screamed when she saw a girl posing in front of the mirror. A moment later she realized it was her brother Gavin wearing her new checkered summer dress and wig. She watched in bewildered fascination as Gavin watched himself in the mirror, smoothing the dress over his hips and checking how it fit on his tummy and bottom.
He didn't seem to have noticed that she was there and once she had recovered her senses she prepared vent her outrage. But before she had a chance to speak Gavin began to take the dress off. He skillfully unzipped the dress and then rolled it down his body. Michelle's outrage turned to amusement as Gavin peeled off the dress to reveal he was wearing her pink striped thong panties.
Caught wearing sister's panties
Titillating TG Captions
This was just too good to miss. Michelle reached for her mobile phone and turned on the video camera. She waited till Gavin was bent over with his pink panties-clad bottom in the air before she spoke.
Caught in the act of wearing his sister's clothes
Gavin provided Michelle with a 'perfect caught wearing panties shot'.
"Hi Gavin," she giggled.
The terrified Gavin was in now position to move but swung his head round to look behind him giving Michelle a perfect shot of his surprised face.
"Michelle!" Gavin gasped, kicking off the dress and trying to find a towel to cover himself as Michelle kept filming.
"Say 'hello' to the camera sissy-boy," she teased as Gavin faltered between trying to grab the camera and trying to cover himself up.
"Get out!" he finally managed and slammed shut the door to the bathroom, knowing in his heart that it was too late.
Back in her room Michelle quickly loaded the video onto her computer for safe keeping. She was already planning what she would do now that she could have her brother under her thumb. Who need tv shows when you have this sort of entertainment in your own home?


Anonymous said...

Nice story

Hattyonce said...

I guess he will be her maid from now on, waitin gon her hand and foot while wearing lingerie. And regular spankings for any failings.