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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

If only his panties could talk

Waking up wearing panties
Greg was wearing panties again
Greg woke with a start. He had slept deeply and without dreams. He stretched himself out and a cold fear spread across his heart as he felt the high heeled shoes on his feet. He reached down and felt the panties that he expected he would be wearing. Greg shook his head in disbelief. Who was feminizing him and how were they doing it?

It was always the same. He would wake up, in his own bed after a deep sleep, wearing panties. Sometimes he would be wearing stockings too, or like this morning heels. Sometimes there would be make-up smudged on his face. Yet he could never remember where he had been, or what he had done. The first time it happened he assumed he had picked up a girl, drunk to much, taken her back to his place, and the panties were just a memento she had left as a joke. Certainly that first time he remembered vaguely a girl with dark hair and bewitching eyes that he had met at a bar, but nothing more than that. Since then it had happened several times again. The second time around he discovered that his body had been shaved smooth and the mysterious black-outs always reoccurred in time to keep him smooth just like a woman. There was never any note, no contact, or messages. Just a new pair of panties each time. Greg felt too embarrassed to go to the police, and aside from anything else, they would probably think he was making it up.
Greg sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at his smooth legs and the stiletto heels. The worst of it all was that each time it happened he found he was enjoying the feminine clothing more and more. He got up and walked to the bathroom to wash his face, noting as he went that he had no trouble at all walking in heels...


Natalie said...

Wow, what an amazing start for a story! Please, please go on!

lickingumuch said...

That's a blackout i would love to have.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, continue with that story so I can dream that it's me being transformed!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow. I dream of the same things, what a nice feeling!!