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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

He can't escape his feminized destiny

Escaping from forced feminizaiton
Neal was desperate to escape the forced feminization program
Neal took a deep breath as he looked around up and down the corridor. He didn't know how long he had been in this place but each hour that went by he was stripped of more of his masculinity. They were trying to turn him into a girl and already he found it hard to focus on the memory that he was a boy. He had never seem a way out of the tightly guarded building and compound but now he could see a window open in the room in front of him and there was no one around. He was dressed in a green leotard and ballet slippers and was supposed to be going to his feminine posture class but now freedom beckoned him. He bit his lip and was annoyed at himself for doing such a girly thing. He had to get out.
Neal quickly crossed the room and slipped out of the window. As his feet touched the ground he found himself thinking that he should have changed his shoes. Perhaps a pair of black pumps or mules. He pinched himself to try and stop the feminine fashion thoughts and stay focused on his escape. He had never been in this part of the compound before and he could see the perimeter fence not far away. Beyond that was freedom. Neal ran as fast as he could at any moment expecting an alarm to sound. As he ran he hoped he would tear his leotard because it was one his favorites. He made it to the high fence and threw himself at it to try and get as high as possible before he started to climb. As soon as he landed on the fence a mighty jolt of electricity crashed through his body and he fell stunned to the floor. Less then a minute later two of the female guards arrived. They looked down at him and quickly injected him in the arm. Moments later he passed out.
When Neal came round he was lying on his back on a soft padded floor. Every where he looked there was the soft color of pink and he knew he was in the Pink Room.
"No!" he shouted, "please no, not this please!"
At one end of the room was a large window and two women were looking at him sternly. One of them spoke into a microphone and Neal heard her voice over a loudspeaker.
"Neal, you've been a bad boy when you should be a good girl. That open window was a little test to see if you had accepted your feminine fate. You know you are here because of your anti-social behavior and you won't be leaving until you are good girl."
"Please, I'll be good now, I promise," Neal pleaded.
"It's too late for that now. You need to spend some time in the Pink Room."
Neal remembered all too well his previous visit to the Pink Room. For 24 hours he was locked in the room with nothing to do except listen to the suggestive feminine commands broadcast to him from loudspeakers. At first he had thought it a joke but after the first few hours each command and suggestion seemed to burrow deeper and deeper into his mind. By the time they let him go he could barely think of anything else except being a girl. He shuddered at the though of facing another day in the room."
 "You clearly need some time to think about being a girl, so you shall stay here for a week."
"No!" Neal sobbed, "please no, please, I'm a good girl, I am, please not that..."
The two woman watched him for a few moments and then turned away from the window. As they walked away Neal heard the first sultry words from the speakers, the soft suggestive woman's voice that was so hard to resist.
"Repeat after me, I am a girl, I am a girl, it's good to be a girl, I am a girl..."
Neal slumped to the floor. Already he could feel his mind attaching itself to the voice, repeating the words as a mantra, against his will, and becoming his will. Softly, his lips began to form the words.
"I'm a girl, I'm a girl, I'm a girl...."

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