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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Girls just know when they meet a sissy

The girls teased Keith into confessing
The girl teased Keith
When Keith arrived at work he couldn't help noticing that his coworkers Sarah and Melanie seemed to be in a very playful mood. They had the office to themselves that day as everyone else was out on business and the two girls were both wearing very short skirts. They kept smiling and flirting with Keith, but there was something mischievous about their attitude.
It was during a quite period in the mid-morning that things came to a head. The two girls stopped what they were doing and began asking Keith some very teasing questions.
"So," Melanie began, "do you like this dress Keith?"

Keith told her that the red tartan mini-dress with matching bright red pantyhose looked very nice. In fact he hadn't been able to take his eyes off her all morning.
"And do you like my boots?" Sarah asked running her hands up her long boots and black stockinged legs to the hem of her very short skirt.
"Yes, they are very nice."
"They are very comfortable," Sarah added. "Would you like to try them?"
"Eh? What do you mean?'
Keith thought he caught a flicker of a smirk on Melanie's face.
"So you like this dress do you? Melanie asked.
"Er, yes, I said so."
"Would you like to try it on?'
Keith felt his face go red and his heart was pounding.
"I don't know what has gotten into you two these days," he said gruffly and made out that he was going to go back to work.
"Okay, just thought I'd ask," Melanie said. "I thought you might like to try it out for size."
"Why would I want to do that?"
"Because you like wearing women's clothes, don't you?"
Keith felt his heart hammering in his chest. How did she know he was a crossdresser?
"Don't be ridiculous."
"Okay," Melanie said. "We just thought that if you liked wearing girls' clothes we could let you try on some of ours and help you with your shopping, but if you aren't interested then we won't bother."
Keith knew in his heart he should just let the subject go, but he couldn't. He loved the way they dressed and he would love nothing more than to try on some of their clothes. Even just talking about it would be fun. He tried to keep the conversation going.
"Well, thanks for the offer," he said.
The two girls didn't say anything. They just sat looking at him and smoothing out their skirts and pantyhose.
"I do like those pantyhose you are wearing," Melanie said loudly to Sarah.
"Oooh yes," Sarah purred stretching out one leg and running her hands up and down it. "They are so soft and comfy."
Keith licked his lips and tried to tear himself away but he couldn't. Perhaps if he made a joke of it.
"I suppose I could try it on just for a laugh," he suggested.
"Oh no," Sarah said, "since you aren't interested we wouldn't want to put you through any trouble. I just thought that if you were the kind of guy who likes wearing dresses you could try it on."
"I must tell you about some lingerie I bought last week," Melanie said. "But later, because it is really just girly talk."
Keith felt his will crumble.
"Okay, okay, maybe I have worn a dress once or twice, but just for fun. I can do it again if you like."
"Oh no," Sarah teased him. "If you were the kind of guy who wore panties I would let you but otherwise there is no point."
In fact, Keith was wearing a pair on pink panties that day but he couldn't bring himself to admit to telling the girls.
He turned away with thoughts whirling around in his mind. Could he? Should he tell them? Dare he?
"Are you sure you don't want to tell us something?" Melanie purred and Keith could hold out no longer.
"Yes, I am wearing panties and I would like to try on the dress," he whispered.
The two girls gave each other high-five in celebration.
"I told you he was a sissy-boy," Sarah exclaimed. "I can always tell."
"Let's go to lunch," Melanie said and the two girls began getting ready to go out.
"But what about the dress," Keith asked weakly.
"Don't be silly sweetie," Sarah said. "It's not your size."
And without another word they left for lunch.


Charmane said...

That's perfect! I can just imagine being Keith! What a let-down... except, perhaps, the girls have more plans in mind?

Steffie said...

The girls at work were going out for a girly evening, and I could go too, but "you would have to dress as a woman"! These invites to try on a dress really do happen.

I know these two girls have got a lot of plans in store for Keith.

Anonymous said...

It's not nice to tease a sissy. Keith will just have to learn to be catty when he goes en femme full-time.