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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cowgirls at the rodeo

TG Captions: Cowgirls having fun
The boys found being girls had advantages
Bill, Tex, and Shane were looking forward to the local rodeo and each fancied his chances to win a competition prize. An hour before the main events started they found three cowgirls in need of attention and worked their charm on the little ladies. However, before they realized what was happening the girls worked some charms of their own and switched bodies with the three helpless men. Now they were desperate to find their stolen bodies so that they could take part in the rodeo. As they walked around the stalls  in their tight jeans and matching outfits they drew many admiring glances. The more they wandered around  the more the enjoyed the benefits of compliments, wolf-whistles, and lots of attention. Before long they had forgotten all about the girls they were looking for and were more interested in finding someone to buy them each a beer...

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