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Monday, June 13, 2011

The boss is now a lady

TG Captions: Transgender boss talking to her workers
Justine found he was getting the wrong attention
Justine knew that coming back to work as woman after his transformation was going to be a challenge. He was the boss and he needed to maintain a firm control over his workers most of whom were men. He hadn't told anyone before he took his two week holiday that he when he came back he would be a she called 'Jasmine' so he invited them all in to his office to explain things clearly.
"I want you all to treat me just as I was," she said looking round at the surprised faces. "I know that this will have come as a shock to most of you but although I am now a woman I want you to behave exactly as you have done in the past."

The more Jasmin talked the more she began to get the uncomfortable feeling that none of the men were listening to her. In the past Justine had always been able to hold their attention by looking them in the eye but now she couldn't hold them. As she went on explaining her decision to live her life as a woman she noticed that all the men seemed to be staring at her chest. Jasmine was proud of the breast augmentation surgery and deliberately wore low-cut, open tops. However, now as she tried to drum up some respect all she felt was the leering looks at her chest. Her confidence began to waver and before long she was slouching in her chair, wishing she could hide her buxom cleavage. By the end of the day the workers had stopped calling her 'Boss' and were using 'Sweetie', 'Honey' and 'Baby' instead. The 21-year-old intern even pinched her bottom as she left at the end of day but instead of telling him off, all she could do was blush and run out the door.

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Sissy Princess said...

Would it be too horrible of a pun for me to say I'm getting a raise? LOL