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Monday, June 13, 2011

Learning to be as good as Goldie

Goldie looked at her simpering boyfriend Bret as he stood before her in the sissy-girl clothes she had forced him to wear.
"Please let me get changed back into my male clothes," he pleaded.
"Not until you've learned your lesson, sissy-boy."
"I've learned my lesson Goldie, really I have. I promise not to leave the washing-up till you get home but to do it myself."
"Do it yourself like what?" Goldie demanded sternly. She had found that force feminizing Bret was the best way to keep him line and the more girly and sissy-like the better.
"Do it myself like a good girl," Bret replied meekly.
"Well, that's good and we'll see if you remember in the future."
"Can I get changed now?"
"No. We still have to talk about how late you were for our date last week...."

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Anonymous said...

She really went all out, are those stickers on his face? Me likey