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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sleepy sissy suprises his sister

Daniel fell asleep on Kathy's bed wearing her clothes
Daniel was fast asleep on Kathy's bed
Daniel loved nothing more than dressing up in his sister Kathy's clothes when she wasn't at home. Every chance he got he went into her room and helped himself to whatever he wanted. Today he had put on a gorgeous yellow outfit that comprised a yellow camisole top and micro mini-skirt. He slipped on a pair of her white cotton panties and set to work putting on some make-up. When he was done he picked out one of her romance novels and settled down on her bed to read it. Before long he began to feel tired. He knew he should change back before going to sleep but what was the harm in taking a quick nap? He had hours until anyone was due home.

When Kathy came home she thought she was alone until she walked into her bedroom and nearly screamed when she found a girl gently snoring on her bed. A moment later she realized it was her older brother Daniel, dressed in her clothes and fast asleep. She was about to wake him up and give him a good telling off but then she had a better idea. She tiptoed back to the door and took a picture of the slumbering boy with her mobile phone. Then she sent it out to her three best friends. It wasn't long before the first call came in...

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Michaelina said...

He looks so cute like laying in bed . I hope you had some .