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Monday, April 11, 2011

Quick TG Captions: She's watching in amusement

Caught with his pants down
And his panties showing
When Brian's sister caught him dressed in her pajamas and top, wearing her thong panties, putting on make up, and singing to himself she didn't say a word. She just took out her camera and let the flash do the talking.

Falling asleep in the girls' apartment was a bad idea
But feminizing him was the best idea ever
TG Captions: Caught with his panties showing
Robert shouldn't drunk so much at the sorority party. When he woke up the next morning his hang over was the least of his worries. The girls seemed very pleased with how well they had 'taken care' of him during the night and once they told him what happened he wished he could forget it.
Her boyfriend came out to her
And now he's her best girlfriend
After Alan came out to his girlfriend Suzy she did everything to help fully feminize him. Now they enjoy shopping together and never fail to attract some admiring glances. Alan my not be interested in the attentions now, but with Suzy's guidance he soon will be.

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Hrdknight said...

Loved all three of these caps! Great pictures and wonderful little stories to go with them. Great work on these.