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Saturday, April 09, 2011

The girls find his TG Captions

The girls are going to make the most of their find
Evans find himself in a fantasy come true
Titillating TG captions, the girls discover his girly secret
The girls find some TG Captions on his laptop
Evan felt a mild panic when he came back from the bathroom and found Casey and her three of her friends snickering over his laptop computer. He never liked anyone using his computer because he was worried they might find the TG Captions sites he had bookmarked. He had agreed to help the girls with a project at Casey's house but now he had left them alone with his computer for a few minutes. He crossed his fingers and hoped that they hadn't discovered his secret.
"Hey Evan," Casey said brightly. "Or should that be Yevette?
All four girls giggled at this and Even knew he was in big trouble.

"We were trying to search for something,"" Casey explained. "We found some interesting sites in your bookmarks."
"So do you really want to be a girl," asked Tami, a gorgeous girl in a tight light blue halter top.
"Or do you just like wearing girls' clothes," giggled Shelby, a pretty blonde girl that Evan liked.
"No, no, that was just something stupid, that's all," Evan tried but the girls weren't taking it.
"You seem to have a lot of them for someone who isn't interested. And you have been visiting a lot of fashion and clothing sites," Pam, that last girl, said.
"I think you are a closet sissy," Casey said, sounding serious. "I think we should have some fun, don't you girls?"
The girls all agreed but Evan wasn't going along with it.
"Give me my computer back," he demanded.
"It's like this Evan dear," Casey said. "Either you do exactly as we tell you or it is going to be all over Facebook by tomorrow that your favorite bookmarks are TG Captions."
Evan looked at the three girls and knew they were being serious.
They dragged him up to Casey's room and began rummaging through her clothes to find him something to wear.
"I think we should shave him," Pam said and this was quickly approved.
The girls shave him from head to toe and by the time they had finished Casey had found a corset and a pair of fishnet pantyhose for him to wear. She gave him a wig to put on and finished with a pair of black high heels.
Titillating TG Captions, humiliated for being girly
Evan performed for the girls
The girls stood back admire their handiwork and Evan had never been so humiliated just standing there fully feminized while four pretty girls inspected him.
"Now what?" Tami asked.
"Let's make him dance," Shelby said. The girls liked the idea of that.
The started teaching him a dance routine that involved a lot of hip swinging and booty shaking. Each time he tried to do it the girls cheered him on between bouts of laughing at him. He tried his best but he kept tripping over his heels. Eventually he could take no more and started to cry.
"Poor baby, are you sad?" Casey said mockingly. "Well get this straight: You aren't going anywhere until we've filmed you doing the entire routine properly so get up and get on with it."
"We could take some pictures of him as well," Pam added. Evan wished she would just shut up but he had to obey the girls. 
Evan sighed and struggled back to his feet. The music started and he began to strut as the camera flashed....

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lickingumuch said...

That's probably the best case scenerio ever. It would be so great for 4 beautiful women to discover my history, pics and captions and feminize me completely.