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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Street entertainer

Norman needs to spice up his act
And Judy knows just how to do it
TG Captions Feminized Street Entertainer
When Norman lost his job he tried performing on the streets for cash but it wasn't going well. His girlfriend Judy suggested he would earn a lot more if he performed as a girl. Norman wasn't expecting her to feminize him so well that he could get away with wearing such a short dress but he soon tripled his earnings.


Hrdknight said...

Judy has done a great job on dear Norman. He may never have to go back to a real job. Great cap!

Anonymous said...

lovely outfit.

stacy said...

I had to actuallyget an account to tell you that I think you have one of the finest caption blogs around. I eagerly check daily yo see if you have posted anything new. You have style and class and taste. Thank you. You probably will not set this as a pic comment, but I had to let you know.