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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Caught in her panties

A crossdresser takes his time

Crossdressing in his sister's panties led to more than he bargained for.
Michael could barely control his frustration at not being able to get to his sister's room. As a closet crossdresser he made a regular habit of trying on her clothes but for over a month he hadn't been able to get anywhere near her room. Knowing that Carol had been on a shopping spree only made things worse. Finally he had the house to himself and he couldn't get into Carol's room fast enough.
As Michael pulled off his clothes he nearly tripped over in his hurry but finally he was able to open the bedroom door and step inside. As usually, Carol's room was in a mess and that made it so much easier to wear her clothes; she wasn't likely to notice that anything had moved. He gazed at the scene before him and felt his heart race. Some of Carol's favorite clothes were strewn on the floor and bed. There were the fitted black pants that he liked and her jeggings were crumpled up in the corner. He saw a sweater that she had bought the week before and there was the black lycra miniskirt she wore on Saturday night. But he had heard her talking to her friends about underwear that she had bought and he knew that was where to start. Michael headed for Carol's panty drawer felt a shiver go down his spine as he opened it. The multitude of colors and materials was always overwhelming but immediately he spotted a new pair of panties that he hadn't ever seen before. They were blue lace boyshorts with a pink satin boy down each leg. Michael squealed with delight as he pulled out the panties and slowly put them on. They fit perfectly and took a few moment to enjoy the comforting feel of the lacy material against his skin, admiring himself in the mirror. He found a wig Carol had used for a play and put it on. Not for the first time in his crossdressing career did he wish he was girl. Then he spied Carol's ballet shoes on the floor. He knew that Carol had bought some new dancewear including leotards and he was desperate to try them on. He quickly strapped on the ballet shoes. 'After all,' he thought, 'a dancing girl needs the proper shoes.'
Michael just can't decide what to wear first
With the shoes on he skipped over to the closet. Carol's dresses and skirts were hanging there as usual and then he found the dancewear. To his delight he noticed that she had bought three leotards. There was a lycra black leotard, a hot pink spandex leo, and a green lycra-cotton mix leotard. There was also a pair of black lycra shorts at the bottom of the closet and he could already feel how good they would be. But first there were the leotards to try on. The question was, which one first? He held the lycra leotard up against his body and looked in the mirror. That was a standard ballet practice leotard and Carol already had one of those that he had worn before. Just putting it on made him feel like a girl but it seemed a shame to wear the leotard when he had worn something similar before. Next he turned his attention to the pink spandex leotard. It was bright pink, smooth and stretchy between his finger and so girly-looking he quivered with delight. That was just going to be too much fun to try on, so he would save that for the last. That left the green lycra-cotton mix leotard to try on. He rubbed the soft stretchy material between his fingers. He loved the feel of the fabric although he could never decide if he preferred that or pure lycra or spandex. He was about to try on the leotard when he thought that it would look even better with a pair of Carol's dance tights on underneath. He put the leotard back and began to look for some tights. Then he changed his mind. Wearing the leotard on top of the lace panties might be even more fun. He went back to the closet and fingered the leotard again. On the other hand, it would look much cuter in the mirror if he was wearing the tights. He mused about the dilemma for a few minutes, feeling each leotard and weighing up the advantages of each. 'Girls are so lucky,' he thought to himself, 'they get to wear all these fun things'.
"I think he I'll start with you my dear,' he said aloud to the green leotard in a very feminine voice. "Will try you on over the panties and then we'll find you some pretty tights to keep you company."
"The tights are in the second draw," came Carol's voice from behind him.
Michael threw a glance over his shoulder and was shocked to see Carol standing in the doorway pointing her mobile phone camera at him. Before he could move there was a bright flash from the camera.
"Carol!" Michael said as his face burned red. "I was just, I mean, I..."
"I can see just what you were doing and in MY NEW PANTIES! HOW DARE YOU!" Carol screamed.
"Look, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, look just please don't tell anyone," Michael pleaded.
"Not tell anyone? I'm going to tell EVERYONE!"
Before he could move Carol had stormed off. Stood rooted to the spot and his knees knocked together. What was he going to do?
He quickly left the room to go back to his room and change but Carol was waiting for him outside taking more pictures.
"Please Carol, stop that," he said trying to grab the camera but she ran out of reach and went down stairs to the kitchen. Michael stood at the top of the stairs not knowing what to do. He had to get that camera back.
"Well, come on down" Carol called to him from below.
"I'll just get changed."
"No  you won't you little sissy, get down here NOW!"
Michael thought it might be a good idea to do as his sister said. He went down to the kitchen and his skin was crawling.  His mother might come home and find him like that, but he had to try and talk to Carol.
When he got to the kitchen Carol was making herself a coffee and the phone was nowhere in sight.
"Look Carol, please don't show those pictures to anyone," Michael said.
Carol looked him up and down as he stood there in the ballet shoes and blue panties and she couldn't help smirking at him.
"What a little girly you are," was all she said.
Michael blushed again but he had to act fast. He started pleading with Carol, promising to do anything asked, to run any errands for her for a week, to always let her choose which channels to watch on t.v., anything just as long as she wouldn't tell anyone or show the pictures to anyone.
Carol, hardly said a thing. She just listened to her squirming brother with the same triumphant smile on her face. She didn't agree to anything, and when she did speak it was just to remind Michael of how much trouble he would be in when his friends found out. Michael was getting desperate. He didn't know what else to offer.
"I'll tell you what, you can start by tidying my room," Carol said. "And you'll do it just as you are, in those panties and wig sissy-boy."
Michael felt a glimmer of hope. Perhaps he would get away with this after all.
"Okay, I do that."
He went back up to Carol's bedroom and began putting things away. He barely knew where to start. After a few minutes Carol came and stood at the door watching him with a grin. Michael had never felt so humiliated as he moved around bending over to pick things up while his sister smirked at him from the door. The Carol's mobile phone rang somewhere downstairs. She went to answer it and Michael hoped it would keep her busy for a while. Picked up a pink top and went over to the closet to hang it up. As he was putting the top on a hanger he heard a giggle behind him. He looked around and to his horror found not only Carol watching him but also her two best friends, Michelle and Linda. The bemused girls must have been watching him.
"I would never have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself," Linda said.
"Me neither, " Michelle agreed.
"I know," Carol said. "I do have pictures but they aren't very clear and you can't really see it is him. That's why I told you both to come over right away."
Michael realized that Carol had just been buying time all along until the girls arrived.
"So girls, allow me to introduce your new house-help," Carol said. "He will do anything we ask, won't you Michael?"
"Yes Carol," Michael answered in a whisper. He was beaten and he knew it. And so did the girls.

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Anonymous said...

I can really relate to this. As a teenage growing up with 2 sisters I loved to try on their new panties. Luckily I never got caught... or unluckily...