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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Forced feminization at home

Feminization is a long careful process

Jason was unaware of his forced feminization
Jason admired the pink heeled shoes and his eyes followed the nylon-clad legs above them. He smiled at the smooth sheer stockings and raised his eyes further to take in the black dress above them.
'Very nice,' he thought to himself but then realized something was wrong. The legs were very long and sexy, just the way he liked them but they seemed to be his legs.

He moved his leg and sure enough the leg moved to. Jason squinted at the pink shoes he was wearing and tried to make sense of it. They looked fine but something seemed wrong. It wasn't that they weren't comfortable because the shoes were a perfect fit. The stockings felt soft and smooth against his legs so that couldn't be it. And it wasn't he minded wearing heels and stockings. Or did he? What could possibly be wrong with stockings and heels? Every girl loved to wear them. Something was hovering just beyond his thoughts but he couldn't bring it into focus. He hitched up his skirt and looked at his legs. Was he wearing a dress? Did he always wear a dress or was he more a pants kind of guy? Jason blinked again and stared at his legs. Mmmm, legs to be proud of but he really preferred pants. All the guys wore pants. He tried to remember who the guys were.
Jason's wife catches him just in time
Jason looked up in a daze to see his wife Sharon staring at him with a worried look on her face. His wife was wearing pants and a shirt, just like the guys too. Jason shook his head but now Sharon was speaking to him again in commanding  voice.
"Jason, look at me. Look at me now."
Jason looked at his wife as she came over and took his face in her hands. She brought her own face close to his and stared into his eyes and he stared back at hers.
"Listen to my voice Jason and not your thoughts. You are feeling just fine. You are happy and comfortable. Just relax and let me take care of everything. You trust me don't you?"
"And everything I say is for the best, isn't it Jason?"
Jason felt himself slipping into his wife's eyes, into a comfortable frame of mind where everything was just fine.
"You like your pink shoes and you like your stockings," Sharon said to him.
"You like the way they feel. They make you feel like a girl and you like to feel like a girl."
"You like to feel like a girl because you are a girl."
"Say it."
"I am girl," Jason said and it felt good to say it. Sharon was right, here was nothing to worry about at all.
"It's good to be a girl," Sharon purred at him.
"It's good to be a girl," Jason repeated. "It's good to be a girl. It's good to be a girl."
Sharon stepped away and Jason beamed at her.
"Hi Sharon," he said.
"Oh look Jessy, you stockings are creased, why don't you sit down and straighten them," Sharon smiled at him.
Jason did as his wife told him to and attended to his stockings
"Thanks Sharon," Jason said brightly and sat down to smooth his stockings up his legs.
Sharon turned and left the room. 'That was too close,' she thought to herself and made a mental note to call the hypnosis clinic the very next day. Jason was too far along the process for him to realize now that she was force feminizing him. He shouldn't be having any doubting thoughts at all, but another hypnosis session would take care of that for good.
As Jason ran his hands over the soft nylon he smiled to himself. Yes, Sharon was quite right it was good to be a girl.


Sharon said...

I wish I could find someone to take me to hypnosis and have me become a woman.

tg_captioner said...

Jesus! those pink heels pop like corn! I want em!