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Monday, January 03, 2011

A sissy shows his talent

Kevin's crossdressing exploits get him noticed at the bar

A few drinks can bring out the sissy in anyone
When Kevin woke up his head was pounding and he thought he was going to throw up. He gave himself a few minutes to steady his head and tried to work out where he was without opening his eyes. It felt like he was lying on some kind of couch and there were noises in the background coming from another room. His feet felt strange, as though his shoes were deformed. He tried to move his leg and felt a heel slid along his calf. Kevin gasped and his eyes flew open as he looked down at his feet. He was wearing high heels. And that wasn't all.
On each leg he had on a sexy red fishnet stocking and he was wearing a pair of very tight satin boyshorts. Aside from a blond wig that  was stuck to his head he had nothing else on. Kevin's head hurt as he looked around. He was in a club, sitting on a leather couch but there was no one around. From a room behind the bar he could hear the sounds of a kitchen being cleared up. Kevin took several deep breaths and tried to calm himself. He was sure he wasn't dreaming and that was bad because he was clearly fully feminized and sitting in a club he didn't recognize. He had to get out. He wobbled to his feet and looked around. Above the couch was a large mirror and when he saw his reflection he noticed that his chest was shaved and he was wearing make-up. Kevin groaned again and then saw a door across the room marked 'exit'. He began to make his way to the door when a voice stopped him.

"Rise and shine pretty boy," said a woman from the direction of the bar. "I wouldn't go out like that in just your panties you might be arrested."
Kevin looked over his shoulder and saw a young woman in a sweatshirt and jeans smirking at him.
"What's going on?" he managed as he limply held his arms up to cover his shaved chest.
He was aware of how ridiculous he felt to be standing their in such a skimpy feminine outfit in front of a woman who was full dressed in casual clothes.
"You've been sleeping off your busy night," the woman explained. "I'm Karen, the assistant manager here. I was wondering when you would wake up."
"Busy night? What do mean?"
"Well, all that dancing must have exhausted you," Karen said clearly amused at his predicament.
"Don't you remember anything?"
"No, I don't," Kevin sighed and sat down again on the couch. There was a rising feeling of panic in his stomach. The night before was New Year's Eve and he had been out with some friends. That much he remembered. But nothing else.
You just can't keep a good sissy down

"You came in here last night sometime after midnight with a few of your friends. You had already had a few drinks and you had a few more once you got here. We had some girls out dancing for the customers and you kept saying you could do better and that you could be girl too. Your friends told you to prove it and so you did. You went backstage with our performers and when you came back you were all dressed up the way you are."
Kevin felt sick and gagged. No one knew about his crossdressing. He was very much in the closet. He looked searchingly at Karen and she continued.
"You really got into things. You were dancing on the bar putting on quite a show and insisted that everyone call you Cindy. Then you started of offer lap-dances."
Kevin felt the blood drain from his face.
"You mean for the ladies?," he asked but from the grin on Karen's face he knew that wasn't the case.
"Oh no, you seemed much more keen on giving the boys some fun. Your friends tried to stop you but you wouldn't listen."
Kevin thought he was going to throw up  right there and then. He swallowed hard.
"But I didn't actually do it, did I?" He was pleading and he knew it.
"Well, most of guys declined and the girls were all in hysterics."
"Most?" Kevin asked in a whisper.
"Yes, most. But Sugar Plum Daddy took you up on your offer and you gave him one hell of a dance."
"Sugar Plum Daddy. He owns a gay bar he was really impressed with your talent. He wants you to perform there once a week for the local crowd."
"Did anybody see that?"
"Everyone. Your friends got fed up and left you to it because you really seemed to be enjoying yourself."
Kevin was close to tears now. He would make something up, that he was drunk and that was all. In fact he would complain that they left him there.
"Well Plum Daddy can forget about it, I'm not interested," Kevin growled.
"You seemed pretty interested last night. You even gave him your phone number and told him to call you. That was the point when your friends decided to leave."
Kevin couldn't hold back any longer. He was sobbing now.
"Oh what am I going to do, what am I going to do?" he moaned as images of his friends faces floated in his mind. They would all know by now. He was finished.
Karen came over and patted him on the shoulder.
"Now don't you worry Honey, Plum Daddy takes good care of all of his girls. You'll be just fine."
But Kevin just gave another moan buried his head in his hands.

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