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Friday, August 06, 2010

TG Caption quickie: Husband for a housewife

A husband get into the spirit of housework
Crossdressed cleaning girl
Adrian sighed as he heard his wife Christine come into the kitchen. He had been out of work for a year and finally his wife had told him that since she was the bread-winner he would have to do the housework. It wasn't so bad once he got used to it, but he couldn't see why his wife insisted that he wear her house-cleaning clothes as he did it. She even made him wear one of her old wigs.
"Nice job on the floor," Christine said as she picked up the coffee he had made for her. "Don't forget to do the laundry and clean the bathroom as well".

"Yes dear," Adrian said, "but can't I just wear my own clothes?"
"You were happy enough to have me prance around in those clothes when I was doing the cleaning now you can do the same. Don't be so fussy, you look adorable."
Adrian sighed again, and headed for the laundry room.

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Alexia said...

What a nice little outfit.