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Friday, August 13, 2010

TG captions quickie: Feminized lawyer

Raymond enjoys the benefits of feminity
Crossdressing at court
Raymond smiled to himself as he walked along the corridor of the courthouse. His white-heeled sandals made a delightful click on the marble floor and he could feel his silk underwear against his skin with each step. He had just one another case and he was going out to celebrate. As he strode along a couple of lawyers turned to watch him go by and he knew they were watching his sexy wiggle.
Ever since he had been living as a woman his career as a lawyer had taken a jump. He always looked chic in the courtroom and the with his seductive charms the opposition lawyers melted into putty in his hands. The jurors loved him; the women because he was confident but feminine, the men because he had the best legs they'd ever seen.
As he came down the steps a well-dressed young man whistled at him.
Raymond gave the man one of his cheeky smiles and the man tried a pick-up line. Raymond shot him down with a sharp retort and continued on his way enjoying the feeling of the man's eyes on his figure as he went.
He reached the bottom of the steps and a taxi swerved to halt beside him. He never had to fight for a taxi these days. The cabbies fought over who would have him slide onto the back seat of their cabs.
Raymond smiled to himself. It was good to be a woman.

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