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Friday, July 30, 2010

Lingerie shopping trip

A lingerie shopping trip to remember
Kevin enjoyed shopping
Kevin check up and down the street before he crossed the road and headed for the boutique. He had been looking forward to this day for a while. The shop sold a range of exclusive lingerie and Kevin intended to treat himself to something special. Like many transvestites he was very much in the closet and his closet was filled with sexy lingerie.
He took a deep breath and pushed open the door to the shop.
There was always a certain thrill to shopping for women's clothes. He enjoyed the excitement of admitting to the shop assistants that he was buying for himself and then asking to try things on. Today was going to as good as it got because the shop was filled with display and after display of sexy frilly lingerie that he couldn't wait to get into.
There was a young woman in a short tight skirt sitting behind the counter when he came in and she looked up with a smile at Kevin and asked if he could help.
Kevin blushed involuntarily. Although this wasn't the first time he had bought lingerie for himself he was always still shy about admitting to his fetish.
"Don't worry," smiled the assistant as she saw his hesitation. "We have plenty of men who buy things for the girlfriends".
Kevin put on his best sissy voice and plunged in.
"Well, actually, I'm buying for myself," he said.
The girl didn't hesitate for a moment.
"Oh, yourself? I see, what were you looking for?"
To his great relief the assistant didn't seem at all put out. He was always terrified that someone would call the police.
"Well I was looking for something frilly and unusual," he replied.
"Hmm, we have some knew things that came in that you might like," she said and led the way further into the store. Kevin was pleased, he didn't like hanging around the shop entrance just in case.
Together they looked at one lingerie set after another. Frilly lace bras with matching panties, lady bodysuits and satin corsets. Kevin was in heaven. Then the assistant pulled out a purple satin corset with a frilly lace skirt and even a cute little rosette and elbow-length satin gloves as part of the costume.
"This is just adorable," she said holding it up." You could wear this at a party and you would be the belle of the ball."
Kevin took one look at it an knew he had to try it on.
"Er, may I try it on?" he asked.
"Of course Honey! The changing room is this way."
Kevin followed the assistant taking a peek at her rear and perfect legs as she led him to the back of the shop. The changing room was decorated with deep red velvet and felt very feminine. She pulled the matching red curtain closed behind him and left him to get changed.
"I'll get you some black pantyhose to go with it because I think that will add to the look. You'll find some heels in there for you to use too."
Kevin quickly got changed and was glad he had shaved his legs, arms, and chest the night before. It would be awful to step out in something so feminine if he had unsightly mail hair.
A minute later the assistant came back and offered him a pair of black fishnet nylons from behind the curtain. Kevin thanked her a pulled them on. He was relieved that he was wearing a satin black panty and not something girly with pink bunnies all over them. That would never go with the corset and skirt outfit.
He pulled on the pantyhose and smoothed them up his leg. Then he tried putting on the corset but the straps were all at the back. He couldn't see how to tie them himself!
Just then he heard the door to the shop open and two new female voices came in chatting away. The began talking to the shop assistant and from the way they were talking it seemed one of them was another assistant at the shop and the other was her friend.
"Hi Julie, has it been busy at all," one of them asked.
"No Sandra," replied his assistant. "But I have a gentleman in the changing room now trying on the new Elegance corset set."
Kevin felt his heart hammering in his chest and he face was burning red. One assistant he could deal with but three girls!
There was a few moments of silence from the shop and Kevin thought he heard some whispering and then one of the new voices continued the conversation.
"The Elegance corset? Isn't that the one with the matching skirt?"
"Oh Kassy, you have to see it. It's beautiful it really is," Sandra said.
So Julie was the assistant who had helped him, Sandra was the other assistant and Kassy must be her friend, Kevin thought to himself.
The women continued to chat and Kevin didn't know what to do. He was saved when Julie called out to him.
"How are we doing in there?"
"Er, I can't do up the corset," he admitted.
"I'll be right there," Julie said.
A few moments later she arrived and politely asked if she could come in. Kevin told her it was okay and she came behind the curtain. She told him to turn around and began tightening the lace straps. There he was wearing nothing but a pair of satin black panties and fishnet nylons while a pretty young woman laced him into a gorgeous corset.
"This things are a devil to put on," Julie said as she pulled the strings tight and Kevin felt the corset squeeze him into a feminine shape.
Finally it was done.
"Just put the skirt on and we'll see how you look," Julie said and slipped out of the changing room.
Kevin pulled on the skirt and stepped into the black high-heels he found in the corner.
Outside he thought he heard some more whispering and even a stifled giggle and then the women continued chatting to each other.
Kevin undid his long hair that was tied in a ponytail and fluffed it out a bit to make it look more feminine. Then he attached the feathered rosette, checked himself in the mirror and stepped out of the changing room.
The girls enjoyed Kevin's antics
 When he caught site of the three women he felt his knees shake. They were all wearing short skirts and were very pretty. At first all he could see was three lovely women with sexy legs looking at him and he couldn't move. He took a deep breath and reminded himself that it didn't get any better than this. This was what being girl was all about.
He strutted up to the full length mirror on one side of the shop. He thought the women were smirking at him but he found that thrilling too.
"My, just look at you," Julie said. "What do you girls think?"
"I love that corset I think I'll get one for myself," Sandra responded. "It is a perfect fit for you, and I could kill you for your legs."
Kevin felt a swell of pride at the compliments and struck a coy pose in the outfit.
"Oooh, just look at you, you little minx," Julie said. "I wish I could look that good in that."
"Give us a twirl," said Kassy with a big smirk on her face. "Let's see how it looks from behind."

Kevin shows the ladies more
  Kevin obliged and turned around then looked over his shoulder to see the girls' response.
The all leaned together and took a long critical look at him, from top to bottom. Especially his bottom.
"If I had a tushy like that I would be happy," Julie said and all three girls laughed.
"That outfit is perfect for you," Sandra said. "Especially with those fishnets, they are just right."
"I have to agree with ladies Kevin, you do look great in it," Kassy said.
Kevin was thrilled. He spent another few minutes strutting up and down in front of the women soaking up the compliments. Finally it was time to get changed back into his ordinary clothes. 

The girls gave him advice

He bought the outfit and the pantyhose and the girls all wished him the best of times and told him to come back soon.
As he walked away with his new purchase Kevin smiled to himself and replayed every glorious moment of his shopping trip in his mind. This was what being a transvestite was all about. He especially loved the way the girls had complemented him on looking so sexy.
And then it hit him.
Kassy had called him 'Kevin'. He was sure of it. He felt his heart stop for a moment a panic set in. Then he tried to calm himself. He must have imagined it. But it was no good, he was sure she had.
He tried to recall if he knew her from anywhere but he just couldn't place the face. The more he thought about it the more he was sure he had seen her somewhere before, but how did she know his name?
Kevin couldn't remember out who the girl in the lingerie shop was but by the time he came to work on the following Monday morning it was clear that every woman at his office had heard the story. They all seemed to have nothing but smiles for him and kept trying to include him in conversations about fashion. Kevin didn't know if he should laugh or cry...

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jellybean said...

I think that I would have laughed and go ahead and enter in the conversations and have fun. He wasn't "dressed" at work (girls clothes) so why not have some fun chatting with the women.