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Friday, July 23, 2010

Crossdressing at the clothes fair

Crossdressing in public can be too much fun
 Alan intended to make the most of his day off. He was a junior manager at a large office with a group of administrative assistants who worked under him. At work he always kept the girls under a tight reign and made it clear who was their boss. He even insisted they call him 'Mr Johnson'. But secretly, Alan was a transvestite and had been for many years. Today there was a second-hand clothes fair in town and he intended to be there. What could be more fun then spending the morning dressed as woman with hundreds of other women?

He had spent the night before carefully shaving and waxing so that he could wear something summery and still look feminine. He had a sexy black outfit of a halter top and black leggings he had been bursting to wear out for a while and this was a perfect opportunity. Everyone he knew would be at work so he could go out en femme and not worry about being discovered. When he put in the effort he could look pretty convincing and he was pleased with the results as he looked at his reflection in the mirror. To add a splash of color he selected a pair of gold heels to go with his outfit and red-head wig and then he set off for the fair.
When he got to town he was delighted to see how many women had shown up for the fair. Of course the women could tell almost immediately that he was a tranny but they were pleased to see a man who appreciated the feminine touch and took such an interest in women's fashion. He spent a couple of hours chatting and mingling with the women and was really beginning to enjoy himself.
After a while his heels were beginning to hurt and he stopped for a few minutes at the side of the street and leaned against a wall for a rest. He loved the looks he got from the women as they walked past and he was careful to strike a pose for anyone who smiled or said 'hello'.
A group of young women were approaching an Alan stuck a pouting pose, pushed out his breast-former chest and then smiled at them. His heart missed a beat as his eyes met those of one of the women. It was Karen from the auditing department. He had seen her when she came to visit her some of his workers to go together for lunch. She must have taken the day off too. There was a moment of recognition and then Alan turned on his heels and fled. He dived down a sidestreet and behind a building. Trying to run in his heels he nearly twisted his heel so he sat down on a fire exit to rest for a moment. He couldn't be sure if Karen had recognized him and his heart was still thumping in his chest.
A moment later he heard the patter of heels approaching and Karen came around the corner of the building.
 "Mr Johnson! I thought it was you," she said with a big smirk on her face. "Fancy meeting you here."
"I'm not Alan Johnson, you must be making a mistake," Alan tried in his best femme voice.
"In that case, how do you know I am talking about Alan Johnson?" Karen retorted with a triumphant look. "Well, enjoy the fair, I can't wait to see what you wear for work tomorrow."
And without another word she walked off. As Alan watched her leave he saw her pull mobile phone from her handbag....

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