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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Brian's sister can't keep a secret

Brain learns to do his laundry in time
 "Girls, you are not going to believe what happened this morning," Sophia announced to her two friends Anna and Kim.
The three girls had gotten together to spend some quality time trying on everything in Sophia's closet. Kim was admiring herself in the mirror after squeezing her into Sophia's light blue summer dress that she hadn't worn since last year. The dress was made of thin clingy cotton and showed off every curve of her body.
"You never wear this anyway girl, I think you should let me give it some exercise," she said as she posed in front of the other two.
"It does go well with your hair," Anna admitted. She was wearing Sophia's pink minidress.
"Will you two listen!" Sophia insisted. "It's about my brother Brian and my panties."

The announcement immediately got the girls' attention.
"What happened?" Kim asked.
"Don't tell me, you caught him looking through your undies drawer," Anna suggested.
"Better than that, he's wearing them!" Sophia announced triumphantly.
"You have got to be kidding us," Kim said in disbelief. "How did that happen?"
"This afternoon he complained to Mom that he had run of underwear and he needed some. Mom said it was his fault for not putting any in the laundry like she told him to. He kept moaning on that he didn't have any to wear and he was late and needed something so she told him to borrow some of mine."
Sophia couldn't help laughing at the unbelieving look on her friends' faces.
"Tell me he didn't go for it," Anna said.
"He did, he had no choice," Sophia replied. "Of course I wasn't going to let him get away with wearing some of my plain white sports briefs. I found him a nice cute pair with pink ribbons on the front and little strawberries all over them. You should have seen his face but that was all I would give him."
The girls shrieked with delight when they heard this.
"I'll bet he loves them," Anna laughed, "he'll be back for more."
"Oh my goodness, I've just realized something," Kim said. "Julie and some of the girls are going to the ice-cream shop where he works today."
For a moment the girls just looked at each other in silence, then Sophia pulled out her phone.
"This is too good an opportunity to miss," she said as she dialed Julie's number...

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