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Friday, July 02, 2010

Finishing school for naughty boys

Forced feminization lessons for a good education
Three boys learn how to behave the way a good girl should
They were the most unruly troublemakers anyone had every seen. They terrorized the neighborhood with their anti-social behavior and they finally went too far and ended up in court for a minor offense. Judge Judy Lawrence took into consideration their previous misdemeanors and ordered them to attend a week-long intensive program at a strict finishing school. The boys laughed at the idea of a bunch of women teaching them anything. As it turned out, their resistance did last more than a day. By the end of the week, they were as good as new.

The day they arrived they took one look at their tutor Miss Thorne and they new they were out-classed. At first they scoffed when everyone at the school referred to them as 'the new girls' and they weren't going anywhere near the girls' clothes they were told to wear and no one was going to make them change their minds. But Throne new exactly how to deal with naughty boys and within an hour she had them whimpering just were she wanted them. It wasn't just the threat of her cane that she slapped on the table with a loud 'crack' that kept them in place; it was her overall manner, her confidence, her intoxicating perfume, her sexy legs and her heels that clicked with every step. She ordered an intense feminization program that crushed their arrogance and violence beneath a hammer blow of soft panties, smooth nylons, plucked eyebrows, make-up and blow-dried hair. She countered their foul language with sweet-smelling perfume and lace.

By the end of the day they had shaved themselves smooth and were wearing panties under their frilly dresses. By mid-week they could barely remember what it was like to be a thug.
Finally, at the end of the week, three sissys were ready to be sent back into the world.
Nobody missed the three unruly boys, but everyone was delighted with the three young ladies who were also so polite.


Anonymous said...

If I were as lucky as the boys to be feminized by a beautiful woman, I'd have asked for additional time!

Steve Harper said...

We men gave you women the vote and we got much more in return.Oh yeah,we got not only the skirt but we got the panties,dress,bra,makeup,heels and other lovely things to dress ourselves in.Yes us men are beginning to go from the board room right to the ladies room.But you know it now makes sense.All the time at restaurants when women got up in groups and went to the bathroom together.Us guys always wondered,why it was they did that.And what could they be talking about in there.Well now we know.All this time they were secretly planning and strategizing a way to get us men and boys into skirts and dresses.And you women now wear the pants.So you women are going from the ladies room to the board room.