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Monday, July 05, 2010

Feminized to her liking

Nigel's girlfriend puts him through feminization
And he responds as expected
 It started off as just a bit of fun. She said she wanted to see him in her panties. Nigel was shy but she could be very persuasive when she wanted to. He wore the panties and then she wanted him to wear them again. Then she wanted him to wear them all the time.
Now Nigel stood in the kitchen wearing nothing but pale turquoise lace panties that perfectly hugged his bottom. He was so used to wearing panties he found them much more comfortable than his old underwear ever was.
"Make me a coffee Nelly," she called from the kitchen.
Nigel frowned. He didn't like it when she called him Nelly but she insisted he looked more like a Nelly in his panties than a Nigel. He tossed his head to flick his hair that was now so long it hung down his back. That was another idea of hers. Growing the hair on his head long but shaving off all of his body hair.
"Don't you see how much better you look in panties with a smooth body," she explained.
He had to admit, he did look better, and it felt amazing.
She always told him how cute he looked in girls' underwear he had to admit it really made him feel good to hear it.
"Okay, one coffee coming up," he called back and he could hear how feminine his voice sounded now. Was that really the way he sounded all the time or just when he was with her? Nigel didn't know, and, as he moved around the kitchen he realized he didn't care. She was taking care of him, giving him his vitamins every morning. He felt like he had never felt before.
He found a pretty pink heart-shaped cup and picked up the kettle to boil the water. How did he know that the pink cup was the right one?
As he looked down he caught sight of his smooth chest. He could almost swear he was getting breasts. He giggled to himself. She would say those go with the panties too...


Desiree said...

this story was wonderful thank you so much for all the work you do. I wish this would happen to me. :)

mingle said...

Nice! I really like the direction your last few caps have taken, toward more physical/mental changes and not just crossdressing. I also love that Nigel/Nelly is unaware of the extent of the feminization.

crayle said...

Intriguing bit! I ike the way you craft a story that hints of so much more...

Jane said...

Could you put more forced to cross dress captions and stories for example at a sleepover.