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Friday, June 25, 2010

Hang over change over

The girls have some fun with their drunken guest
Jack leaned back and wished his head would stop pounding. He tried to collect his thoughts and remember what had happened. There was a party last night and Emma's place, that much he remembered, and he remembered the group of Emma's friends he had spent the evening trying to impress. Around him he could hear voices talking but he couldn't make out what they were saying. The sun was shining too brightly in his face and he leaned back and closed his eyes as he tried to hear what the voices were saying.

"He's coming round," a girl's voice said and someone giggled.
"Shall we wake him?"
"No, leave him the way he is, he looks like he needs some rest,"
"He looks so cute."
Jack took a few breaths and forced his head up and his eyes open. The girls from the party were sitting around a table by the pool smiling at him. He managed a sly smile and a 'good morning'.
The girls just giggled and smirked at him.
"How are you feeling baby?" asked a blonde girl who had been wearing a very short dress the night before but was now wearing a cami-top and shorts.
Jack became aware that he couldn't feel his jeans. He looked down and nearly gagged at what he saw.
He had been completely crossdressed as a girl.
He was wearing a short light blue skirt that was bunched up around his waist showing his bright orange panties. He could feel a bra around his torso and the cups were stuffed with something to give him a bust. His legs were completely smooth and he hand a bracelet on each wrist. He was wearing an orange striped top that he vaguely recalled on the girls had been wearing the night before.
"Rise and shine Sweetie come and join the girls for some coffee," Emma shouted at him and the girls burst out laughing.
Jack leaned back and closed his eyes. He was never going to live this down. There had been hundreds of people at the party. Who knows how many had seen him like this.
"Oh, come on Sufar," Emma purred, "don't be shy, you look adorable..."

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mcneillshane30 said...

why cant y finish the story plz i would love to see the end

p.s this remminds me what happened to me at my sisters birthday partty