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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Kevin missed the game

Judy makes some arrangements before Kevin goes to watch the game
Kevin was beginning to loose his patience. He was due to go out with the guys for an evening at a local sports bar. Their team was playing and it was going to be a big game. But here he was, at his girlfriends place, wearing a purple flowery dress and inside a body that definitely wasn't his.
It was true that Kevin had been spending quite a bit of time with his male friends and that he had promised to help Judy got through some boxes of old clothes but this was a big game. He was sure she would understand. Just before he was due to meet his friends he stopped by at Judy's to see how she was doing. She seemed friendly enough, and even showed him a new necklace she had bought. It looked old and ugly to him but she held it out for him to look at and as soon as he touched he changed into a beautiful blonde girl in a sexy purple dress and purple panties.
"What the hell just happened!" he shouted but his voice came out as more of a feminine squeal.
"I thought you should try and see how I feel for a change," Judy said with a sly grin. "You can go off and meet the guys now, if you like."
But Kevin could just see how things would be if he walked into the bar dressed the way he was.
Judy told him that she would change him back later that evening if he was a good girl and helped her. He did, but by the time they had finished going through the boxes Kevin suggested that he be allowed to sleep on it. There was something about he way the skirts felt as he handled them, and the sight of all those pretty tops that made him feel all funny inside. After all, this was much more fun then some silly game...

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tg_captioner said...

ooh, I sort of like the "you can't hang out with the boys because I changed you into a girl" aspect :-)