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Friday, May 21, 2010


A panty fetish leads Brian into trouble
"Inspection time!"
The shout sent a jolt of ear through Brian's body. He couldn't believe that they were really going to go ahead with this.
Down the hall he could hear the girls giggling and talking amongst themselves in the bedroom.
Brian stood up and he could see his hand shaking as he put the razor aside.  In the bathroom mirror he caught another look at his smooth hairless body. But it was the pink satin filly panties he was wearing that made him shudder. He drew a deep breath and walked to the door.
Three hours earlier he had sneaked in through the window of his neighbor's house looking for panties. Tracy, the girl next door, had the most exciting collection of panties he had ever seen. At first Brian would just admire them when Tracy hung them out to dry on the washing line but before long he was breaking in through open windows to go through Tracy's panty drawer. He loved the look and feel of the panties, the bright colors, and above of knowing Tracy's intimate secrets.
Then earlier that day Tracy had come over to ask him to help her out with something. She was wearing very short hot pants and a skimpy top and Brian couldn't move faster enough to do anything she wanted from him. Tracy led the way back to her home but when they got their Brian found that they would not be alone. Three of Tracy's friends were in the living room watching a video on the TV. Brian's heart nearly stopped when he noticed that the video they were watching was a webcam clip of himself going through Tracy's panty-drawer.
"Here he is girls!" Tracy announced.
"You naughty little boy," said a brunette with fantastic legs and the sexiest mouth Brian had ever seen. "Can't keep your hands off the panties can you?"
Brian wished the floor would swallow him.
"I, I," he began but Tracy cut him off.
"You broke the law you little perv, that's what you did," and now I'm going to call the police.
"Please don't," Brian pleaded, "please don't do that Tracy. I'm sorry."
Brian could see it wasn't going to be enough but he wasn't prepared for what came next.
"Beg," demanded Tracy and plopped herself down on the couch next to her friends.
Brian tried again but he couldn't really think of anything more to say other than that he was sorry. Tracy was not impressed.
"Beg, and make it sound like you mean it," Tracy said with a snarl, "or else". And she began dialing with her phone.
Brian tried again. The next ten minutes were the most humiliating that he had ever experienced. Tracy would not be satisfied until he was down on his knees, groveling at her feet and begging for her forgiveness, much to the amusement of her friends.
"All right, we'll leave the police for now," Tracy finally agreed. "But you still need to be punished".
Brian was so relieved that he immediately said he would agree to anything. Later, he would regret that.
The girl led the way upstairs to the bathroom where she demanded that he strip naked and give her his clothes. Brian tried to refuse but Tracy threatened to not only call the police but that she and her friends would claim he tried to assault them.
"After all, how are you going to explain you are here and after viewing that video who do you think the judge will believe?" she pointed out.
Brian knew he had no choice so he stripped off his tracksuit pants and t-shirt so he was now standing in front of the girls wearing only his boxers and gym shoes.
"I want you to shave your entire body and then we are going to inspect you to see how well you have done," Tracy said. "When you are finished, put these on, I know you like them."
She handed him a pair of pink satin panties with black lace trim. Brian remembered them well, remembered how delighted he had been when he found them in her drawer. Now he could hardly bring himself to look at them.
The girls retreated to Tracy's room and as he got to work Brian could hear them talking to each other and laughing at him.
Finally he was done and he body was smooth and pink, just like a girl's. He looked at the panties and although he had often wondered what it would be like to wear Tracy's underwear now it didn't seem like such a good idea. But he had no choice. He pulled on the panties and surprised himself at just how good they felt against his hairless skin. He didn't have much time to enjoy the moment. The girls were calling for him.
He walked down the corridor and with every step he became more aware of how ridiculous he looked in the pink panties. At least he reached the bedroom but by now he was almost in a trance. He walked into the room and the girls whistled and cheered at how cute and girly he looked. If he thought that was the end of his torment he was soon disappointed.
"I told you that I wanted you to shave all over," Tracy said when had got her breath back from laughing at him. "I want to make sure you followed my orders to the letter. Drop 'em."
The other girls burst out into another round of laughter and Brian couldn't believe his ears. But then Tracy pointed directly at his panties and then wiggled her finger downwards. Brian could feel the tears pricking at his eyes as he lowered  his underwear to his ankles and the girls began another round of humiliating comments and jibes at his lost masculinity....


mingle said...

Wow, super hot! I love the humiliation.

eleventhdr said...

honey when you finally catch me then i will agree to become a girl at last and love it from then on just being a girl!

eleventhdr said...

honey when you finally catch me then i will agree to become a girl at last!and be female forever after and why not being a girl is fun and i want to be one so bad!