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Friday, May 28, 2010

Caught in the act

Caught wearing women's clothes
Caught wearing women's clothes
Jerry needs a miracle
Jerry tried to squeeze himself even further behind the pillar. He wished himself to be invisible and prayed for a miracle. On the other side of the room his sister Jill and two of her friends had just walked in and were chatting among themselves. They hadn't noticed him yet which was just as well because he was wearing Jill's pantyhose, panties and a very girly babydoll.
An hour earlier Jerry and not hesitated to raid Jill's room because he wasn't expecting anyone home for at least two hours. Jill had bought a new sexy black babydoll he wanted to try. He found the bobydoll and pulled a pair of silky black hi-leg panties. Then he rolled on a pair of his sister's pantyhose marveling at how good they felt rolling up his smooth legs that he kept shaved and the toenails painted. Then he slipped on a pair of matching heels and went to parade in the living room.
He was still enjoyed the sensation of his smooth nylon clad legs moving under the babydoll when Jill came home with her friends Sara and Claire. He didn't have time to get away so he stood in the living room praying they would go to her room. Instead, they came to the living room. Jerry kicked off the heels and rushed to the far corner of the room and tried to hide behind a bit of the wall that stuck out.  He couldn't imagine Jill's reaction to finding him in her crossdressing in clothes.
The three girls came in laughing and chatting. Jerry held his breath and tried not to cry.
And then his miracle came.
"Who wants a drink?" Jill asked.
The girls all said they would love a drink and the three of them left the room to go to the kitchen.
It was now or never.
He picked up the heels and dashed for the door. Without daring to look he headed for the stairs. He was nearly there when he heard Sara's shriek behind him.


Anonymous said...

whats wrong with a guy wearing his sisters lingerie?


Anonymous said...

Clearly the consequences are that he will have to start buying his own panties and baby dolls.