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Friday, May 14, 2010

Crossdressing escape

A two-timing boyfriend learns about friendship
"Are you sure this will work?" Dan asked as Linda made final adjustments to his clothes.
"Of course it will," Linda smiled. "You look adorable."
Dressed in a bright pink satin strapless top and tiny white miniskirt Dan felt very exposed but it was too late to turn back now.

Earlier that day Dan had gone over to see Linda for some intimate time together. The only problem was that Dan was supposed to be dating Linda's room mate Becky. Dan had been flirting with Linda for weeks and now she finally gave in and told him to come over when Becky was out. However, before he had a chance to make his move Becky had come home early with some friends to watch a video. Linda quickly went to explain to Becky she was studying with a friend in her room and then shut the door but the two still didn't know how they would get Dan past Becky without her noticing. It was Linda who came up with the idea of feminizing Dan so that he could slip through the darkened living room where the girls were watching the video. She quickly shaved his legs and gave him the pink satin top and miniskirt to wear. Dan thought it was a bit much when she insisted he wear a pair of her white cotton panties too but he had to go along to get himself out of the situation. He had to admit that they were the softest coziest underwear he had ever felt and he even told Linda how good they felt.
Linda put a wig she sometimes used on his head and applied some make-up outside the girls sounded like they were very involved in the movie.
"It's now or never," Linda said as she adjusted the skirt. "It'll be okay".
Dan took a deep breath as Linda opened the door to the darkened room that was lit only from the tv screen that was showing 'Dirty Dancing'.
Dan quickly headed for the door. He was halfway across the room when the lights came on and he found himself looking at a gang of girls with their mobile phone cameras posed and read.
"Hi Dan, are you going out somewhere?" Becky asked from where she stood by the light switch. "You look lovely."
The girls burst into laughter and the camera flashes began popping.
"You didn't really think I'd cheat on my room mate, did you?" Linda said with a sly smile. "Girls don't do that to each other."
Dan just gaped at her as the girls took more pictures.
"He's wearing my panties as well," Linda announced and the girls all gave a cheer.
"No I'm not!" shouted Dan.
"He is and he told me he likes them," Linda said.
"Let's get some pictures of the sissy in his panties," Becky suggested and before he could make his escape the girls charged towards him with their cameras at the ready..

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