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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Taylor gets his own back

Taylor's leering gets him into trouble
A leerer is foreced feminized to teach him a lessonTaylor was a man's man, or so he liked to think. Working on the construction site with the rest of the gang they liked nothing more than to keep an eye out for any women who wandered within range of their catcalls. Taylor's girlfriend Jo had had enough of her man's leering and she decided to teach him a lesson he would never forget.
That night she made him dinner, steak and chips just the way he liked it with a beer to wash it down. Then she offered to massage his back to help sooth away a long day on the site. Taylor was happy to have his woman make him feel good and what with the good food, the beer, Jo's soft hands rubbing his back, and her even softer voice cooing to him, he quickly became putty in her hands. Taylor might be hard around the work site but he was easy to hypnotize and Jo had him under her spell within ten minutes. She sat back and looked at Taylor as he lay flat out and mesmerized.
Jo worked on Taylor for several hours that evening. She removed every hair below his neck and smoothed his legs over with moisturizer. She plucked his eyebrows into a delicate arch and shaved his armpits, and feminized his body in every way she could.
The following morning when Taylor woke up he noticed nothing different. Jo had instructed him to be completely comfortable with how he looked as though it was the most natural thing in the world. She helped him get dressed and then gave him one final instruction.
"And remember Baby, you will wake up as soon as some calls you by your name."
Then she drove him to work as she always did and after dropping him off watched him walk into the construction site ready for another day of labor.
The guys at the construction site didn't take long to spot the sexy girl coming their way. With her halter top and smooth shoulders, tight jeans and heels she had all of the undivided attention. What's more, she wasn't just walking past the site she was coming in.
The catcalls and whistling reached a crescendo as the crew gathered around to see just what the little lady wanted. The men went wild as the girl began to climb the stairs to the foreman's office giving them a perfect display of her behind in her tight blue jeans.
It was only once Taylor was right in their midst that the foreman finally recognized him.
"Hot damn! It's Taylor," he shouted and the gang fell into a shocked silence quickly followed by hoots of laughter and jeering.
Across the street Jo smiled as she put the car into gear and drove off.
"Have a fun day at work Baby," she laughed to herself.

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Chaste Hubby said...

Love the caption. Serves him right. ;-)