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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Strip poker sissification

Alfie learns a thing or two about playing games
Forced feminized at the poker gameWhen the girls suggested to Alfie they play Strip Poker he couldn't believe his luck. He played a regular game with some friends every week so he knew his way around a poker table. This would be a game to remember.
Alfie arrived at Sharon's apartment to find that she wasn't alone. Sharon had asked him over to help her set up her wireless router and he had been looking forward to it all day. Spending some time alone with Sharon would be fun, however when he arrived he was disappointed to see that she wasn't alone. Sharon's best friend Carol was there and she introduced him to her cousin Mandy who was visiting from out of town. To make matters worse, Sharon told him she had fixed the router herself. Alfie was about to leave but Sharon stopped him and asked if he would like to hang out anyway. Alfie took one look at the three young women and agreed. After all, all three of them were gorgeous. They hadn't been talking for long before Mandy suggested they play strip poker. To his surprise, the other girls agreed, even seemed quite keen on the idea. Alfie looked at what the girls were wearing and smiled to himself. Sharon was wearing a skirt with a tight top, Carol was wearing a top with a denim miniskirt and black lycra leggings underneath, and Mandy was wearing pink yoga pants with a matching top. With his poker experience it wouldn't be long before all three of these women would be wearing nothing at all. Mandy volunteered to be the dealer and no one objected.
They sat down to play and before long Sharon had lost both her socks, Mandy was down to one sock, and Carol had taken off her top to reveal she was wearing a camisole underneath. Alfie rubbed his hands together.
"Let's raise the stakes a little," he suggested and nearly burst out laughing when the girls all agreed. He couldn't wait to see their panties in the pot.
The next few hands passed in a flash and Alfie was stripped down to his boxers and the girls had won back all of their clothes. He had to win the next hand. He started with a pair of queens but was beaten by Carol's three aces.
The girls beamed at him as he peeled off his underwear and then made various comments about how he looked, none of them complimentary.
To his relief the girls suggested they continue playing although he had nothing to stake.
"That's okay," Carol said," we'll just stake clothes that you can put back on."
That seemed like a fine idea to Alfie until he lost the next round. He reached for his boxers to put them back on but Carol took away his clothes.
"No Aflie, not your clothes, ours," Carol said with a mischievous grin. "Sharon, find some panties for Afie to wear."
Alfie hoped that Sharon would decline but his horror she jumped up and ran to her room to get a pair of black satin panties.
Aflie blushed bright red as he pulled on the sexy underwear.
They continued playing and before long Alfie was wearing a sexy black chemise to go with his panties. Carol was missing one sock but other than that the girls were fully dressed. Then he lost another hand.
The girls were laughing so hard they could barely play.
Alfie had had enough but the girls wouldn't give him his clothes back until he won them one piece at a time.
They played on for another three hours by which time Alfie was dressed up in a black cocktail dress with fishnet stockings, high heels and plenty of make-up. The girls didn't stop teasing him about how cute he looked. He had also been made to perform a Beyonce song for their entertainment and for the last half an hour was forced to talk in a small girls voice and call all the girls 'Miss'. He was also now committed to clean both Sharon and Carol's apartments on Sunday wearing only an apron and some frilly panties that Carol would provide.
It was getting late and the girl had had enough. They decided to let Alfie go on condition that he play again for a revenge match.
As soon as he was gone the girls collapsed with laughter.
"You'd be amazed at the tricks you learn working as a card dealer in Vegas," Mandy said. "Looks like you girls have just won a housemaid."


Chaste Hubby said...

I love this post! How I'd love to fall into his situation - can't guarantee I wouldn't lose on purpose.

Janine the Sissy said...

Another great post. I love the ones where the bloke has to dress up and gets humiliated. Not so fussed about hypnosis or body changing I love the forced fem!
Janine xx

Anonymous said...

Don't play if you don't want to pay.

Very well done caption.

Rose said...

Deal me in!