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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

A surprise goes wrong

Raymond thought sneaking into the girls' dorms would be a big surprise
Forced feminizationRaymond couldn't contain his curiosity to see his girlfriend Sonia and find out what she and her friends would get up to at their sorority house. They were planning on spending a whole week together bonding and Raymond wanted to be part of the action. He snuck in through a first floor window and made his way to Sonia's room. The only problem was that someone saw him climbing in and now campus security was swarming around the building.
Raymond was feeling pretty pleased with himself as he climbed up a tree and then made his way in through the window. Sonia had told him that her room was on the top floor and as he made his way across the darkened room he could hear the girls partying on the ground floor. Although the room was dark he could smell the scent of perfume and women's deodorants in the air and from the light coming in through the drawn curtains he could make out the shapes of unmade beds and clothes strewn across the floor. He opened the door a crack and listened to the shrieks and laughter coming from below. He heard someone coming along the corridor and quickly moved back into the room. A blonde girl wearing black lycra leggings and a tight top walked past him carrying a bottle of wine walked past him and disappeared down the stairs. Raymond waited a few moments and heard the wild cheer as the blonde girl entered the party and then he slipped out of the room and headed for the stairs. He quickly ran up to the top floor and looked for Sonia's room that her name on the door and her two room mates, Jill and Debbie. He opened the door and slipped in.
The room was cluttered with the girls' clothes and things. A blue lace bra that Raymond recognized as Sonia's was hanging from a half open closet door and near one of the beds. On the other side of the room several brightly colored satin thongs were lying on an unmade bed. Raymond picked some of them up and saw a sweater on the bed that had 'My name is Debs' written on the front. Raymond smiled to himself and the thought that he now knew that Debbie wore sexy thong underwear. A denim miniskirt and bright red body was strewn on the third bed that must have belonged to Jill.
Raymond was about to hide in Sonia's cupboard by curiosity got the better of him. He went over to Jill's closet and opened the top draw. It was filled with lace cotton in every color. Jill was a hot red-head that all the guys fancied and he had often wondered what she wore under her clothes. He dug around a bit in the drawer and found some satin and lace bras with styles similar to the panties.
He was interrupted when he heard the sounds of many girls coming up the stairs.
Raymond quickly climbed into Sonia's closet and shut the door. He was squeezed between a velvet bodysuit and a long denim skirt and in the confined space he could smell the clothes and the faint perfume that lingered on them.
The girls were getting closer and shrieking wildly and then he heard the sirens outside. The noise was getting louder and he heard many people shouting outside the building.
A moment later the door banged open and Sonia, Jill, and Debbie came into the room.
Raymond jumped out of the cupboard with a big grin.
"Surprise!" he shouted feeling very pleased with himself and even more so because all three girls were wearing only lingerie. Jill was wearing a pink lacy camisole and panties, Debbie a pale blue flowery bra and panties, and Sonia a pink rose-patterend bra and pantie. Raymond took a good look at Jill and Debbie who both looked amazing in their lingerie sets.
The girls looked at him for a moment in shock and then collapsed into laughter, but they seemed to be laughing at him rather than with him.
"What's so funny?," he asked nervously.
"Somebody is in a lot of trouble," Sonia said with glee. "You were spotted climbing in and the police are about to sweep the building to arrest you."
Raymond felt his heart sink into his stomach. Being arrested for burglary was the last thing he needed.
"I'll just wait in here," he said.
"Not good enough," laughed Jill with glee. "There have been a lot of break-ins recently and they want to search all the rooms. That's why we came back. We have to wait in our rooms until they finish the search."
"What will I do?" Raymond asked in a panic.
"Only one thing for it, you have to disguise yourself as a one of us," Sonia said. "Come on girls, get him!"
Before Raymond could argue the happy girls dragged him off to the bathroom where they began to take off his clothes. Not that he minded being stripped by three cute women but he didn't like where this was going.
"Now just hold on, what are you doing?" he asked.
"We are feminizing you of course," Sonia said. "Unless you would rather wait for the police."
Raymond knew he had no choice and had to passively let the girls remove all his clothing. Then they set to work with their razors shaving his body all over. They smoothed moisturizer over his tingling skin and then began plucking his eyebrows.
Jill brought him a black wig to wear and Sonia found him a lingerie set to put on. The set was a lacy panty and fitted strapless camisole that looked very flimsy and transparent.
Until now it had all been good fun but now that he was about to made into a girl he was beginning to have doubts. It would be great to boast about his escapade in the girls' dorms afterwards but not if he had to admit he was forced feminized to get away with it.
"I don't know if I can do this," he said.
"Nonsense," Debbie replied. "I'll bet you checked out all our sexy lingerie while you were in the room alone so don't pretend you don't like girly underwear."
Raymond blushed bright red and the girls gave him a knowing laugh.
He tried to think of a way out of the situation but it was too late to back out now. He could hear the walkie-talkies of the security personal as they came up the stairs to the floor they were on.
TG captions Forced feminizationNow they were knocking on the first door down the hallway. Raymond took a deep breath and pulled on the silky panties and camisole. The girls stood back to admire their work and gasped.
"You really are a very pretty girl," Debbie said with a smirk.
The girls immediately rushed to get their cameras and started taking pictures. Raymond couldn't complain because he was worried the security staff would hear his male voice.
A moment later there was a knock as the door.
The girls's beamed at him and then Jill swung open the door. Two female security staff with flashlights marched into the room and looked around. They took one look at Raymond, knew they had found their man.
"Nice panties, but they aren't really your size," said one of the security women with a smirk as they moved towards him.
"Sorry Raymond, we tried our best," Sonia said with a cheerful grin. "But that will teach you not to go sneaking into girls' rooms."
Raymond collapsed against the wall and began to sob. It was all going horribly wrong. But the worst was yet to come. The security officers didn't let him changed back but marched him out of the building wearing only the panties, bra, and black wig. As he passed down each floor all the girls gathered to whistle and give him catcalls.
Although he wasn't thrown out of the college, from that night on all of the girls on campus would only ever call him 'Rachel' and never Raymond.


mingle said...

Wow! Great story. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

very good story. to bad they didn't keep him as a pet sissy lol

Chaste Hubby said...

I love this caption. My girlfriend in college used to sneak me into her dorm at night after "male visitation hours" were over. I would have loved an outcome like this!

Anonymous said...

how delightfully humiliating