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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crossdressing without permission

Bill dallies too long at the mirror
Caught crossdressingBill flitted down the stairs swinging his hips as he went. His high black heels clicked loudly across the floor and his satin chemise moved smoothly against his body. He could feel the black pantyhose fitting snugly to his legs as he walked.
He quickly ran into the living room and looked out of the window. The girls could be back at any moment. He had let himself in to Samantha and Jill's apartment with the spare key they had left by him. He was their friendly neighbor and they felt safe leaving a key with him in case of emergency but he had other plans. Bill loved the way the girls dressed. They always wore fashionable girly clothes. Silk shirts and short skirts, flowery dresses, leggings and tight jeans. Bill couldn't wait to get into their rented home and see what lingerie the women wore. He wasn't disappointed. Their drawers were filled with satin items, lacy panties and beautiful bras. He found the cream and black lace chemise he was wearing now added matching bra and panties and black pantyhose. The high heels finished off his outfit and he walked around feeling more like a woman then he ever remembered. It was one thing to wear sexy women's clothes, but to wear the clothes of sexy women was quite something else. He knew the girls were due back some time so he regularly went to check from the front window, peering through the blinds to see if they were coming. He had let himself in through the back door so he would have time once he saw their car enter the street to make his escape.
He walked up to the window heels clicking loudly and looked down the street. All was clear. As he moved away something blue caught his eye. It was Samantha's blue Honda, parked down the other end of the street. The girls must have slipped by while he was admiring himself in the hall mirror. He tried to look out of the window to see if they were coming yet but then he heard the key quickly turning in the front door. He was trapped in the living room and the only way out was to go to the corridor where the front door just opened and he heard Samantha and Jill come in.
"I'm telling you Sam," said Jill's voice, "I heard someone in heels in here."
"It must be Susan, my sister," Samantha said. "I gave her a key so she could let herself in today."
"Hi Susan!" called out Jill and Bill heard the girls marching towards the living room where he was still cowering by the window frozen to the spot...


Anonymous said...

Oh no sounds like someone is going to get more then they planned on. Giggle

Anonymous said...

I was caught in a smiilar sitution but i was totaly dressed in the bedroom playing with my self whenthe neighbor lady walked in on me Boy was she MAD she had my mom come over to get me and i had togo home dressed in only her lingerie and high heels

Sissy Linda