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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Forced feminization for a naughty boy

The girls get their revenge on Rob by feminizing him
It will do him the world of good
Forced feminizationRob took one look at the dress and felt his heart sink into his stomach. It was white with red polka dots and red satin sash tied across the middle.
"Forget it, I'm not wearing that," he said firmly.
"Oh but you are," cooed Samantha, "because if you don't we'll tell everyone how you were going through our underwear."
Rob felt his cheeks burning red, as red as the dots on the dress that Samantha and her roommate Abby were holding up in front of him.
For two weeks he had been sneaking in through the window to the girls' apartment to go through their underwear drawer. He just loved the pretty colors of the different panties and the smoothness of their satin lingerie.
He was always very careful to put everything back in place and thought he was getting away with it until Samantha e-mailed him a webcam clip that clearly showed him going through her things. She had left on the cam of her computer because she suspected someone was going through her clothes and caught him red-handed. The message told him to come over right away and when he did the girls told him that as a punishment he had to wear the clothes that they would give him.
Then they came out with the red dress.
But Rob knew the alternative was worse. If Samantha sent out the video to her friends he would be finished. He had no choice but to agree.
To his horror the girls insisted on feminizing him first so that he would look 'proper'. The shaved his legs and plucked his eyebrows and then gave him a red satin lingerie set of bra and panties to wear together with white fishnet stockings that felt strangely comfortable on his smooth legs. Then he was forced to put on the dress. When he looked in the mirror felt his face burning. The skirt was very wide and very short and barely covered his panties.
But the girls weren't done yet. They gave him a wig to wear and by now he really did look like a cute girl.
Samantha and Abby could barely stop laughing long enough to give him instructions but then they started getting ready to go out.
"Come on," Abby said, "were are all going out to get a hot chocolate."
"I'm not going anywhere like this," squealed Rob.
"Oh yes you are sissy-boy," snarled Samantha giving him a sharp smack on the bottom. "Because if you don't I have some e-mailing to do."
Rob was nearly in tears as the girls opened the door and led him out into the street...


Petra said...

Wonderful story to go with that picture. Nice work.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have a dress like that !

Tommi said...

ooh my....yes indeed!

jenifer said...

wonderful story.
can you host some more stories where guy caught wearing feminine stuff by girls /forced feminisation teased abused/ humiliated /jerk by girls in undies.